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What Car Is This From!


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replaced a 1.8 zetec focus mk1, and im sure it was identical to that, dont take that as gospel though, it was 6 months ago, an i can barely remember if i put trousers on this morning.

i have only seen a mk1 focus one and it does look VERY similar, but as its the only ford one i have seen i wouldnt know, Pretty sure its not from a Escort and i cant see it being on one of the later type cars like the saph siera ect, i frecon its more than likely a mk1 focus.

if im wrong you didnt hea the above from me :angel:

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Can anyone help me identify which car this sensor it from? It's a Ford crank position sensor and I need a new one by tomorrow evening.
Ta muchly :) Got a trackday on Wednesday and the car wont run with a buggered sensor - hit the sump on a drain cover and it obviously got caught in the trigger wheel.

How come you don't know what car its from if your using it for a track-day on Wednesday? Or am I missing something here? :S

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How come you don't know what car its from if your using it for a track-day on Wednesday? Or am I missing something here? :S

Yer i kinda thought the same?

you are trying to find what car this part belongs to :S

bit of a funny way of doing it,,,,and like u will go and buy the part based on what someone has said on tf?

dont u know what car u have?

sorry :$ had to rub it in seems so stupid.

explain away if im wrong :$

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que lee macall....

Now Que Heroic Music, and the Correct Spelling of my Name

That is a CKP and its not that Vehicle Specific.

Used on Zetec, HCS, Endura E, Duratorq, CHV, PTE, and im sure a few others in there.

The reason he would not know what car its from when used on his own is because he is using an After market ifnition system.

Most Likely Megajolt. whcih is based on the Ford CKP and Coil Pack.

Much Better for performance as the are custom Mappable.

I think I have 1 of those sat in my bench at work.

Also Have a MEgajolt System For Sale if anyone wants it

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Got a Sensor on Tuesday and fitted it in the evening, but the car still wouldn't start :( Phoned round a lot of people to see if anyone knew about the ECU as I was getting no spark. Then we noticed the engine mount had cracked in half :S

Towed the car to Oulton Park on Wednesday morning with a new engine mount as well as having booked it in with Mikeanics from Congleton as he originally mapped the engine, went to all the driver briefings and towed it to Congleton.

An hour later it was on the rollers pulling 180.9bhp :D

Drove back to Oulton Park in time for the afternoon session and managed about 18 laps before the fuel rail split and sprayed petrol all over the engine. I was lucky it didn't catch fire.

Cheers for your help people.



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