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Need Some Help.


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Check out a lot of early Kraftwerk, some Depeche Mode, Brian Eno, New Order, but theres loads of cool modern electronica thats not overly chliched, such as Add N to (X), Bjork, DJ Shadow, Fingathing, Thom Yorke, Radiohead, John Frusciante (specifically the album 'A Sphere in the Heart of Silence'), Moloko, Goldfrapp, thats just some for now for a few ideas! Enjoy.

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MOTHER f**kER. I had no idea it was that tune. I SO REMEMBER THAT FROM WHEN I WAS YOUNG, God that's bringing back some memories. Gonna hump your leg now (Fat Pants' sign of appreciation)

Yeah and you weren't even alive in the 80s :rolleyes:

Is this an eighties music thread or what? G'n'R *** (I'm listening to them now).

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Tomm - :P 2 Unlimited is from 1995, so, i was alive then, but obv with my mum being 44 and the 90/80's where she used to go sort of 'clubbing' if you like with her friend but she died a few years a go so the days of that went. She still has some of the old 'thats what i call music' things, i specificially remember that's what i call music 28 and it's now at 70 nearly so yeah.

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