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Neil Tunnicliffe / Pauly


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downloading now, will edit when done :D

edit: shit hot vid, gap to hook? pretty kewl, that must feel so weird having to lower the front to gap then lift almost vertical for the hook. lol what was the guy in the car saying?? my speakers are f**ked so i couldnt make out what he was sayin.. good vid (Y)

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The wall isn't vertical but its still a beast!

mint stuff going down :)

look at you gay boy ruining it for everyone lol

that was sick what the f**k is with neils brake what pads he running i gotta get me some of them bad boys. haha hello lads this is pauly mc

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Nice one paul just uploaded it to youtube - Lost me details for tv.sig.si...lol You tube link:

Gap to hook was a beast! Was strange to do such a big gap but be at the front of the bike :S There sorted on vert walls now. :lol:

I was going to use the first hook for my video but f*ck it...

I will start a propper one soon.

Hope you likes..


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Yessssssss lardssssssss...

Vid was mint.

You both need to get some shit hot seperate long vids out man, that was ace.

"Pauly c" Was crying when he rapped that lol


:) haha yea i should have a vid out soon depends... need to get some rail lines done then and we should be on go.. we are going to do another vid in a couple of weeks like i say but in daylight after neil has finished getting his proper ones for his new vid :)

Cheers for the comments people


That Toxsin guy is really good!

I'm well impressed but Neils brake and hub really annoy me lol

:) cheers mate, neils brake actually isnt that bad it just sounds like a beef when its on cam. he is running plazzies by the way.

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vid was WELL good

kin ell Pauly! :blink: youve got so much better its unreal! top dawwwwwwwwg! sidehop over the skip was mint! have to come up to sheff 1time.

Tunnis riding was good n all, brakes RIGHT! loud, mine isnt that loud compared wi his, and i have the same set up :huh: sick..look like you sidehop the Adamant alot better. first hook looked huge too! gud lad!

music was well suited gave the vid a Ghetto/gansta/bmx feel which is always good!


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