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Www.michaelsingleton.co.uk Lots Of New Pics Added!


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those are really nice pictures :blink: i like them all, don't ask me why iknow nothing about pictures, but they all have that lilttle something :turned:

One question though, is Porter doing some front to back on those tiny post ? :mellow:

i think he is going up to front then takin his back round to an adjacent post. but i might be corrected by a smart arse :P

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Thanks for the comments. :)

Spode - I'm using a 30D now, which is great; I really like it.

None of the images there are straight out of the camera, I shoot purely in Raw. Many of the shots are simply adjusted in raw (colour balance, contrast etc), then resized in Photoshop, sharpened and saved. Whilst some of them are given a fair few tweaks involving different techniques within Photoshop.

Here's an example of both:

On the left is the original Jpeg straight out of the camera, and on the right, the processed Raw file.


And on the top, again the original Jpeg, and below the processed Raw file.


Mike. :)

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