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Any Xc Riders Here


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you xc riders should get yourselves over here to the Isle of Man for the End 2 End challenge in september. Its a big race (expected 600 entries for 2007) from the north of the Isle of Man to the south. Caters for all abilities & finish times vary from 3hrs right the way through to nearly 7 hrs.

The race was featured on sky sports in 2005 & 2006

The course changes every year but is roughly 70km long both on & offroad.

I think theres more info on the Manx mountainbike clubs website www.manxmtb.org

check it out.

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i got a new bike last summer and rode about 80 miles on it i think, just local moors and woods really, nothing proper like.

was thinking about breaking it out again today cos the whether is good.

probably just do a few laps around the country lanes near me, don't really have any good routes or trails.

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I have an XC bike but it mostly gets ridden as a trials bike or a jump bike when I'm out on the trails. Hence the battered chainring and snapped spoke. It's a good laugh though, I've just been up in Scotland this weekend, riding Dalbeatie and Innerleithen (google 7 Stanes if you're interested). Innerleithen XC was sooooo cool.

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^^ fool

I adore xc rides but i don't go on them as much as I would like, soo much better in winter aswellflying through 2ft deep sludge in nothing but shorts and a little xc jersey, fookin fantasic.

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I ride a fair bit of xc stuff. Its a lot of fun actually, specially the specially built trials in Wales. Been to Coed y Brenin 3 times now, mostly in Winter (riding the mountains in snow IS awesome). Probably heading up Scotland in the coming months for 4 days riding some of the 7 Stanes stuff.

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I ride XC religiously these days, i first discovered XC in the lovely harsh winter weather and loved it.. It was a kinda sideline for me when i couldn't get a group of trials riders out in the wet. XC in the wet is fun, but you have to try riding XC when its super duper dry, the speed through the single tracks, such a buzz.. You're right on the edge of falling off, and your concintration, its like "yea, one slip here and its really gonna hurt" its all with speed to, its not like your on the edge of a wall, on the back wheel hoping for the best, its just now or never.

Just put some Bomber 150mm's on the front of mine, bit burly for pure 'XC' use, but the dry weather is coming and as many people have said.. wales definatly needs to be teared up.

Favourite XC ride to date, first time i tried using my SPD's.. kept doing stupid falls everywhere.. classic. Anyway..

When i was pure trials nothing else i was very narrow minded, always called 'XC' riders 'Jay Boys' never really realising what its all about.

Thats nuff from me. Most of you wont know me anyways. Ah well.

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