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I reecently started to get some clips for a full sized video but 1 week into doing so i stepped off a curb and

wrecked my ankle :lol:

I've been unable to ride and should't be for another two weeks or so.

Any way , DanKo at Trials-uk.co.uk offered me sponsorship after seeing the few clips that i had obtained before the injury.

Theres a mini so called 'teaser or trailer' of me riding which you can find a the bottom and hopefully some more throughout the year and maybe a full video.

Thanks to DanKo (Y)


Also a massive thanks to PaRtZ for the edit :lol:


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Thanks for all of the feedback people :) the sweling has only just started to go down and i really want to ride :(

Ye i did make a video a while back on a pitbull but i wasn't very good then haha.


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