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Which Rim To Go With The Pro2/king Hub


Which rim is best for street?  

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  1. 1. which is the best rear rim to go on a Pro2 for street?

    • Good old DX32
    • The new Revell rim
    • Try all rear rim
    • echo rear rim

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cheers for all the help with choosing between the pro2 and and the king!

I reckon I'm going to go for the Hope ProII now, thanks for that guys!

The only thing now is me and my mate are having a dispute about which rim to build onto it?

*I really like the look of the new Revell rear rims with the hexagonal hole and apparently the eyelets make them loads stronger??

*My mates a bit old school and he reckons I should get a DX32

*The other two options im considering are the try all and the echo!

views and opinions please!



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The Old School one would appear to be me, i think that based on the general perception I got from trials riders the DX32 was very strong and well recommended. Haven't talked much about the other 2 rims but as for the Revell, its a fairly new rim and have not heard if it has a good or bad reputation or even one at all so help on the Revell rim would be most handy!

Personally I love the Echo, but as it it was a 2 horse race when we were debating it the other night, I will stick with the DX32.

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i live about 2miles from mr doney who prototyped and designed the revell rims, he uses them, they are fooking solid and seem to take really nice grinds. i personally run try-all rims, and am debating moving to the echo 07 rims as they actually are stupidly strong and i have seen first hand the abuse they take and not dying

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When i rode stock id ride nothing but ronnies! im a hard rider and the metal held nice grinds and bent back in easily! ,y mod try all rim has just got cracked to f**kery and i havent even slammed in into stuff that hard.... so yea i really liked a ronnie.... but if your not looking at it just ignore me!

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These two posts are incredibly debatable, I never new such strong opinions on certain products had been made. I don't think he is trying to split up the trials community "Trials Dave" but who knows.... :P

And I am glad to see that the DX32 is on top at the moment, keep going guys! B)

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Haaahahah i did laugh

Are you trying to split the whole of the uk trials comuinity in the process of building your bike?


If you think this is splitting the trials community, wait for the rest of my build!!!

...I've only posted about my rear wheel build so far!!! :-

There's probably much more debate and controversy to come! :blink:

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im sure try all do make a rim 42mm wide.

They do indeed... just to make things more confusing for you :P

Value for money, the DX32 is my recommendation. For strength the Echo rim wins. Try-All 47mm if you want a wide, light rim for competition-type use. Revell if you want a Try-All thats a bit stronger. Try-All 42mm if you want something a bit wider than a DX32 but still really tough!

Hope that helps,


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well - unless you are a tank I wouldnt recomend the echo rear rim.....

If you ride alot of natural - get something wide like i guess the tryall or the revell, if you ride street either go with the DX32 or an 07 echo front rim - seems to me to be as strong as the DX32 but its a shade lighter (and possibly a mm wider hehe)

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