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Hi, I've been doing a night class building websites with Dreamweaver, Flash etc... I had to come up with something to show I have paid attention to the lessons and came up with this! I'm not super impressed, but I had to do something for my first go! PS: Some of the pics don't work?? and pages need to be finished.

Please tell me what you think in general though!

Cheers (Y)(sorry about the adds!) :$

Oh yeah` HERE! \/ scroll down \/

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Sorry you where having probs with the link, works everytime for me? Wish I could work out why some of the pics don't work on the bikes page, but I'll ask my tutor tonight. I would like to get into Flash a bit more and make better buttons and stuff... took me 2hrs trying to line the dam things up with the logo, and it's still a pixel out? Meh`

Nice though.

Cheers mate, means a lot coming from you! :)

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took me 2hrs trying to line the dam things up with the logo, and it's still a pixel out?

If its of any help, in Flash you can move objects by 0.x of a pixel. 0.x of a pixel doesn't exist. If the lines are placed at 0.x of a pixel then they won't match up to a HTML line at the same px.

In HTML, px's are rounded, hence it may look 1px out.

Not sure if thats the problem at all, but may be of some use.

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you could of used more flash snazzyness, rather then just a fade in rollover.

I was showing the tutor the site tonight and he gave me that "I taught you Flash` magic, and you give me that shit"... look! Jeez, dude I was trying to learn the programe!! haha

Nah, your both right though! :D

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Absolutly Brilliant!

Hey, they stole that! :P

Cool site :)... Whats the trials scene like in Liverpool? I might be moving there soon...

Not good... there are some nice hidden trails scattered about the place like St Helens/Southport, but Otterspool Park is limited and average I'm sorry to say!

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I know! :$

Way I see it, I was more interested in getting to know the applications then spend countless hours coming up with an original design... that's why the rest of the class hasn't got a clue how to construct a site yet. Original design = later IMO. ;) No one gives a shit about this site anyway... mates think I made it. :-

But yeah` I stole it! ...just the colour yellow mind and the box... and maybe the font! Sorry if your offended?

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Some faces I recognise there!! Haven't seen Chaz in a lonnnng time, also I see Eddy is still going. Scott (BMX) I haven't seen since he killed his arm at Rampworx a couple of years ago. But then, seeing as I've been there about twice since then it's no surprise.

Glad to see Otterspool trails are still going. I'll have to get up there soon...

Oh, and nice site too!!

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Chaz is still riding despite his knees not working, Eddy will ride till he's 100 and still talking like a mad man ^_^ , Scott is still riding despite not having a full working bike (freewheel bust, spokes missing... that's Scott!), he gets of his bike runs at the first jump and still makes it through the pack with style!

Otterspool has a new left section, but still plagued with idiots messing the place up on Friday nights. Snapple/Ian, have I met you dude? I once thought I knew who you where, but then that turned out to be a lad called Dan? :S

Anyway, glad you liked the site.

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