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should have my frame next week, I just got some pimp parts and I am bored, so I thought I would share them

The hubs are Hope Pro 2s that were gold, but I have stripped them to silver and removed the disk mount from the rear one (ignore the fact its not put back together yet)


I made the bash for my cranks, its made from acetal and carbon, I also got a nice Titanium cog too, got a nice titanium axled Truvativ bb too, but I didnt get pics of that.





Got a cool new Tensile headset


Some control vee forks (want to try a front vee in the summer)


A smart Boone custom hand made Ti rear cog, its 15 tooth and has a cool wide base


A new hope hub (tartybike etched) to put the cog on (got ti bolts for the hub too)


A super light carbon stem (comp only!)


Its gonna be a super pimped out bike, alloy and ti bolts throughout, ti axled pedals, hope disk, revel rims for comps, echo rim on my spair wheel....I'll get pics of when its fully done.

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i thought you swore by BB'7s

good brakes, but I dont swear by them, they are heavy and week, but uber powerful and adjustable.

BUT they are mearly not pimp enough for this bike! carbon lever blade, alloy+ti bolts...nice

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your bikes going to look mint ali (Y) , i thik he would still be using a spank rim, but they dont make them in 26" anymore

I'm pretty sure they do, just stiff don't sell them anymore ;) . A local DH rider I know uses them and can difinatly get hold of them.

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Sweet parts! The bash looks great.

good brakes, but I dont swear by them, they are heavy and week, but uber powerful and adjustable.

Heavy?? A 185mm BB7 with an Ultimate lever is only 8 grams heavier than a 180mm Hope Mono Trial (plus a few grams for cable). I guess if you compared only the calipers between the two the bb7 could be considered heavy, but the overall weight between the two would likely be unnoticably different. I don't mean to argue here, I just don't want people getting the wrong impression about bb7's ;)

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I'm seeing 414g vs 444g respectively for the two options you just posted (according to tartybikes) ?? Plus, comparing different sizes is just unfair anyways :P

with some ti and alloy bolts + carbon lever the hope mono trial 180mm weighs 420gr (Y)

nice parts

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full bike minsu brakes, tyres, chain and grips weighed 7kg, with adding on the estimated weights of the other parts it comes to 11kg (or somwhere like that) which is just over 24lbs, but thats my basher wheel with echo rim and heavier hub and non ti pedal axles, I am hoping to get it under 24lbs if poss.

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