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  1. I live in a land where marijuana is legal. On occasion I end up writing a long reply. These two facts may or may not be related.
  2. Get a 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot, go fill it with sand stick your hand in it and open it as far as possible then close as far as possible and repeat ... strengthen those hands, or just pick up big rocks as you are walking and hold them with proper posture as you walk. Oniy downside to strong hands is all new 2 finger levers feel like microwaved pudding mushy mush pies. also look at your body position- when you are trackstanding, when on rear wheel etc... see if something is strange or looks strained- could be your cranks are too long which means > your hip shifts differently which means your shoulders are not parallel and your elbow will make your wrist will make your hand feel numb... never look at what is hurting, follow down the chain of body mechanics to see what is actually leading to your fingers hurting on the bike. Good luck
  3. Couple 108 jitsie votes- any info on the bonz 135? I’m used to 48 clicks on my pogo, why not go for ridiculous and 135 clicks... the word “jitsie” is a painful word, sounds like some kind of special American dong cancer. Ideally something else purely based on the name... but if it really is the best freewheel , I’ll bite.
  4. The last time I ran a freewheel everyone was giggling about KOXX being a name and the ACS Claw / white industries 18-24 click freewheel were the only choices. A quick look at tarty and some other sites, I'm totally lost- 108 engagements being the lower level of engagements...mind blown. What freewheels are bulletproof now?? I love trialtech products- I don't care about lightweight, I just want performance and strength. I don't like to change things on my bike and ride them till they break then replace. Most important thing is it doesn't give me problems, skipping etc. Seems like hashtag and bonz are the only people making real cranks, everyone else is stuck in 2005 ISIS world...and I'm not paying over $400 for pogo cranks. The trialtech integrated everything cranks look fine to me, is that freewheel ok?? 108? strong?
  5. Surprised g man hasn’t deleted that post already
  6. I think the best part about street riding is just going out and finding shit on your own, that’s more than half the fun... from what I hear Barcelona has no shortage of radical spots, only shortage is in the riders living there... on a slightly unrelated note, Spain is cheap as f**k and I’m looking to escape this United States of fat idiots someday in the future.. my girl has family in Italy and Croatia... a google search of bmx/skate spots Barcelona may yield many results for you..good luck and enjoy that sun.
  7. Biketrials riders have to be really good at grinding and filing , always have been- as nothing ever works straight out of the box Maybe some day in some world... mtb parts are so advanced compared to most trials things- I’m surprised we aren’t all still running square taper cranks
  8. Just plow the front wheel about 6-8” below the top of the wall and enjoy whatever happens next.
  9. I’ve got the green hex with Maggie mounts and run Shimano SLX cranks and an OG 1999 threshold bashguard- had to do a little filing to get it to be perfect, but they are the greatest cranks I’ve ever run.. I think they were $110 usd new, I’ve never felt anything stiffer. My pogo has ffw isis cranks, they are noodles compared. ali c said some sram? Cheap cranks are awesome, a quick search here should show which ones he likes now. He bent his slx , but he’s doing 13 ft drops in demos on the regular.. I don’t exactly put that power down.
  10. Nutrition is key as you get older, extremely important to heal properly and actually ride well... back in my 20s I could eat total crap and feel great, also drank like a fish- get up the next day and ride for 6 hours eating candy bars and burritos. Drink like a fish that night and continue the same next day... I’m almost 36, if I get drunk now it takes me 2-3 days to feel ok again... lead me to stop drinking entirely. Getting older I realize riding bikes is a very important part of my existence and I’ll cut out anything/ spend time doing proper PT if it allows me to ride at a decent level as I age. I will say the new pogo stick bikes are so good that they make dangerous huge moves way too attainable... falling becomes a real worry for the first time, I’m in America where our health system is a joke. Have to dial it back to feel comfortable..
  11. All of my ramblings here are from being injured as I go into my 30s... have to learn how to use this body properly!!! So I can keep riding into my old age
  12. I've had a bit of a cold for 4 days so writing a lot is easy right now... I did did want to talk about the imbalances caused by riding trials only for years and years... I’ve been riding 20? Years, left foot forward- sidehop left... hundreds of hours spent riding with left foot dominance... my left calf was significantly larger than my right calf before I began strength training.. I also made a strong effort to begin riding right foot forward, and track standing with everything opposite to what I had been doing for 20 years (wheel turned to the right, right foot forward). I feel more imbalances can come from other things- we see this in beginner riders all the time... wrist pain because of improper bar/lever angle etc etc... imagine if your front brake lever angle was 1mm off ideal- you wouldn’t notice it but riding for hundreds of hours with it incorrect may have an effect on some part of your body. Also using the same levers for brakes- rear brake gets a lot of use in trials, I’m sure my rear brake hand is stronger than my front brake hand... I’ve thought of going Moro/British style brakes Doing multiple sports definitely helps you not burn out on trials, you work extra muscles/parts of the brain that don’t get used during trials... just have to make sure you don’t overtrain. Any excercise is good excercise
  13. Fair warning: writing a rant about all aspects of trials and the body on my mind. All in all just do whatever you like, this is your life. I think most people here don’t have the resources (money, time, interest) to want to get an actual “coach”, from what I understand in France and Spain there are plenty of coaches mostly training the younger kids... Gilles/Giacomo have their dad, the French coach Serg... Jack Carthy has his, you can see in that one video released this year a bit of it.. a bit of what it takes to be the world champion, and it takes time, dedication and love. Most here will say just ride more, instead of spending that time in the gym... but you guys have poor weather which makes a gym more appealing. I think getting a basic strengthening platform is key to most humans- first learn how to properly walk, proper posture- proper basic mechanics... then start doing the big three lifts- squat, deadlift and bench press. Squat and deadlift are both compound entire body movements- want big biceps, they’ll get bigger with proper deadlift. Work the whole body and strengthen everything, not just one or two muscles. Now a coach comes in handy once you have a good foundation - you can take it to the next level of training, more specific to our sport... Olympic lifts, snatches, cleans, explosive lifts would be an idea...plyometrics is a word thrown around a lot... kettlebell training is what I’m currently obsessed is the most explosive thing that’s natural to my body. I follow some jump specialists on instagram who coach American basketball/volleyball people- they study the approach and technique of the jump very closely... I think if one with proper knowledge of ( @Ali C Do you know someone who’s working towards becoming a physical therapist?) body mechanics could critique certain riders technique with super slow motion cameras we would have some insight into what motions could be used to strengthen the right muscles in the gym. Or “teach” the neurons to expect/perform better during riding... I think if someone can balance on a slack line and do handstands very well- they may be better at doing balance/nose related moves than someone who has never done a handstand. These basic human skills- natural movement / body awareness transfer very well towards bike trials... perhaps not in the very beginning- when you are still learning how to pivot/do basic moves, but once you have good bicycle control a strong/aware body makes a difference. Anyways.. I think just just finding other people to ride with on a routine basis will make you the best.
  14. I’m going to Scotland now bet them uphill race scenes were fun times...good trials/parkour combination - usually doesn’t work out!
  15. That was massive, like 7 feet wide !! And 6 feet down. Essentially a 2 foot gap flat to flat with that pogo machine.... I wish it was ten minutes for that one gap, they need to learn how to milk that clickbait.