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  1. Scared to click this at work
  2. Flat, clean and VERY RIGID
  3. I love your edits but this was just enjoyable.. rf Chester pedals?? Best I've ever had, on my pogo and hex.
  4. The earth is just floating on a shell of a turtle gliding through space, everyone knows that. Quite enjoyed the vid, hope to ride there one day!
  5. I remember in the early 2000s people were running azonic pro taper bars on their Schwin homegrowns... saw a lot of them snap! I still have my 2001 club roost "go fast" bars on a single speed commuter with race face turbine lp cranks... personally the arcade bars are my hands/wrists heaven, here is the last ride I rode with them on my extreme pogo Gu: It was easily bunny hop-able, kind of easily manualed- but I couldn't put full leverage/force into gaps and wheel swaps were shit... sometimes I'd go up something and the weight would be just too far back. It wasn't right. I've not been able to ride due to injury since, but I've been slowly building an inpulse blast x with 145x25 /tt carbon bars to enjoy the ludicrousness of today's cheater high bb monstrosities. Instantly add a meter to gaps compared to my hex. i think these bonkerz new bars would add a foot to sidehops, especially cheater up to front bullshit.
  6. All the new pure trials bars are blowing my mind... I haven't seen any in real life, but they look like double the arcade bars rise but put foreward... it's just the future of uci huge obstacle trials, and it makes sense with these monstrous never should be considered a "bicycle" high bottom brackets. I haven't put more than 10 hours of riding on my tt carbon bars which I love...but I want to check out these new ones for sure.
  7. Aye thanks for making this, what an event... hugest event in the USA is 12 riders in a dusty parking lot with a couple rocks and curbs, you guys live in trials heaven. long live Kenny
  8. Ten years ago replace handlebar night with 6" over handlebar height being the wall... today's handlebars are ridiculously high. almost as ridiculous as practicing sidehops
  9. Jump in the gym for the extra inches....
  10. Fiiiiire
  11. Up to rear is the only way to sidehop. To both wheels is weakness and to front wheel is pure fear.
  12. I think there are more bmx riders in my town than trials riders across all of North America. Maybe 300?? Active riders in all of the USA. Canada has a good set in small areas, unsure about South America...
  13. Believe my hex is 22-18, will check when I'm home. Run 18-15 on my pogo puff bike, on the hex I never feel like I need a stronger or lighter gear...
  14. So nice to see Andrew still riding, he used to kill it... and still does with style, thanks for sharing !
  15. Just eat nice organic carrots, lots of them.