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  1. That kid is going to be a real riding monster!! So cool to see them both riding
  2. I feel like one of these threads pops up every other month... there is a market for these awesome frames! giant: Remake them! Nostalgia money
  3. I have no torque wrench, but I do have he carbon grip stuff... just tighten it to where you think it should be, and like me it will probably come loose with a bang on your first huge gap - put it back and tighten more. worked for me w my pro trialtech carbon bars- rock man is a tiny weak unheard of company don't know how it will work for you.
  4. Don't worry about him. I think he may be a nazi, everyone knows he likes to start trouble in these threads.
  5. You go girllllllll
  6. Such is is the essence of the pogo... I can hop Ivan hop I can hop
  7. Enjoyed it more than his normal videos..which I can't make through. Gnarly sea times
  8. Adam burns? Not sure. Love how stoned they seem at 3:00 I remember checking for the newest downloads every single day... my favorite riding era.
  9. Continental der Kaiser is the reigning heavyweight champion for excellence in trials... you will never flat, get the right one and it's super grippy, the sidewall is concrete and doesn't fold- but it is a heavy boy... cut off all the knobs and it's quite great, especially for heavy riders.
  10. Looks like Danny Macs tentacles have invaded India, and you guys are having fun... that's the most important thing. south Indian food is better
  11. Innnnsanity
  12. Mini fb = mini fag bike? I'm not sure, mod bikes aren't allowed in North America. With that said,insane skills... I do not miss riding in the snow. Fun to watch
  13. As nice as all the TGS riding coming 'insert Eastern European country that used to be Russia' is, I only consider British tgs to be real riding. massive... more!!
  14. Never heard of this.. also have a 2005 lever that I've been riding since 2005.