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  1. Set up goes beyond that. On the bbdb I put the rotor right next to the side that doesn't move, so that when I pull it's not pushing it very far. Loosen the bolts that att arch to fork, wins the non moving pad in 2 clicks, then wind he moving pad all the way into its solid-tighten the caliper to fork, then wind each out out one click. Keep going on the moving side pad till you get little to no rubbing as you soon the wheel. How you cut the housing is the most important part, I use a dremmel cutting disc to make sure it's completely flat against the ferrule, and lever makes a huge difference. XT levers for example make a shit feeling brake, cheapO sd7 levers make it feel great... and the ultimate levers are next level.
  2. As for your avid love... go for the odyssey linear slic cable, amazing and $5 from amazon. I'm a HUGE fan of the original avid bbdb caliper, the new bb7 is all shit if you ask me... mushy shit like every new 4 finger lever/ advanced lightweight more leverage brake. Hard to find the bbdb now a days, used to be on eBay for $25- paired with 203 rotor, odyssey cable, avid lever = stiffer than all hydraulics but the old saint... and way more long lasting, zero maintenance. I've ridden every mt567, xt, slx, trialzone, other mechanical brakes... bbdb/linear slic/ avid lever trumps them all in terms of longevity and cost. With jitsie/trialtech pads they bite harrrrd...would not suggest those pads for xc riding. Hardest part is the set up, which 98% of people have no clue about and leads to a shite brake. I also ride a 30 year old steel rigid bike with u brakes faster on mtb trails than most with $8,000 full sus bikes so take what I say with a jaded old man grain of salt...
  3. Well I'm getting kicked out of my rented house in Los Angeles, owner want some to sell it... I've got 22 fully built bike, most vintage, and it's time to lighten the load !
  4. Very cool... the 1100 level boss still sits on the wall in my garage, had a lot of fun on that monster bike, learned my first 180s with speed on it...
  5. That last bunnyhop/curb kicker... woooooooo.... Jeff lenosky told me that if you take your foot off the pedal during a balance line, it don't count.
  6. Braunschweig or something, be styles for sure... he liked to party, I hear he was a vegetable dealer. Awesome soul to watch on a bike, could bunnyhop anything! Trials needs more pure unchained energies like that. non linear > domesticated
  7. Looks f**king great I would build that up as is the patina will get you instant beyond Danny Mac status.
  8. Wish I had thought of the axel spacer... I was running 3 spacers one side w my SLX cranks and none on the other and a riding friend warned me... so I took one off, put on the other side - ground down the chainring tabs so the cog just clears the chainstay on my hex.
  9. Looks like you need to work on your manuals, not quite getting them just yet... 22-16 gearing ? Ditto on the question of if there is any geometry change, love the color.
  10. Looking forward to seeing the videos... You guys have trials heaven there, keep shreddin.
  11. Just more riding, the only way to get better!
  12. Looking good nico. Better than your other videos!! #getthegrip
  13. It's a sad time, but all the new levers feel like mushy shite compared to an old hs33...which hit like a rock and doesn't move, granted the new levers are much more powerful and you don't have to squeeze as hard...
  14. I'm saving up for the hope one to be like Ali c.
  15. Very cool TT is making these!! Used to be the only option was a very expensive hope stem... I found a basic Chinese BBB brand 80x40 used at my local bike shop for $5, has worked a treat and got to say I love it on my hex.