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  1. Kharful wen u rinse big gapz mak sur 2 chek it often, sounds bad bro. my bruv had sam prob, he broke his bike one day... after Ali c said no problem. Bad bad.
  2. I saw two things I hadn't seen before, they on some shit. Impressive. the bikes look so awkward, almost the polar opposite of pogo bikes. Tons of stackers, super high front end, tiny stem...
  3. Did Terrence Malick direct that? I didnt like it the first time. Enjoyed it the second, maybe it's for people like me who just ride their "gravel grinding" bike now because of an injury. It has me wondering if I should put my old marzocchi 1999 XC race shocks on my specialized awol...couldn't use a front rack though.
  4. That one guy had a great spin move.
  5. What happened to his bike? Looked like he just rushed that hook to rear and went on the wrong place with his tire. This is a good example of what not to do for a comp. Boring as fuuuuuu, was this set up by bankers with no imagination? Kenny's competition earlier in the year was a shining example of how to make pogo cheater bikes interesting to watch... with actual trials off camber / loose / actual bike handling skill... not inch hunting and gym work. Why even bother having rocks and logs, 3D print everything out of plastic and put grip tape on it all. ZzzzZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzZzZZ
  6. An acs claw freewheel with 12 engagement point will probable help u send that gap bro, u wil hav enuf powr to rinse gap
  7. Nah he needs brain damage, the intro font + music gives us all brain damage. Best video he's made.
  8. I've got a great one who's done 8 frame / forks so for me. $100 each job, I only did black, he's at base of the San Gabriel mountains an hour east of Los Angeles. Short drive for you.
  9. I've got a great one who's done 8 frame / forks so for me. $100 each job, I only did black, he's at base of the San Gabriel mountains an hour east of Los Angeles. Short drive for you.
  10. Loved getting to see Ali on a new comp bike!!!
  11. A real trials shoe has to be identical to the shoes clowns wear in the circus. Ugly AF and expensive, good luck.
  12. YEsssss
  13. Set up goes beyond that. On the bbdb I put the rotor right next to the side that doesn't move, so that when I pull it's not pushing it very far. Loosen the bolts that att arch to fork, wins the non moving pad in 2 clicks, then wind he moving pad all the way into its solid-tighten the caliper to fork, then wind each out out one click. Keep going on the moving side pad till you get little to no rubbing as you soon the wheel. How you cut the housing is the most important part, I use a dremmel cutting disc to make sure it's completely flat against the ferrule, and lever makes a huge difference. XT levers for example make a shit feeling brake, cheapO sd7 levers make it feel great... and the ultimate levers are next level.
  14. As for your avid love... go for the odyssey linear slic cable, amazing and $5 from amazon. I'm a HUGE fan of the original avid bbdb caliper, the new bb7 is all shit if you ask me... mushy shit like every new 4 finger lever/ advanced lightweight more leverage brake. Hard to find the bbdb now a days, used to be on eBay for $25- paired with 203 rotor, odyssey cable, avid lever = stiffer than all hydraulics but the old saint... and way more long lasting, zero maintenance. I've ridden every mt567, xt, slx, trialzone, other mechanical brakes... bbdb/linear slic/ avid lever trumps them all in terms of longevity and cost. With jitsie/trialtech pads they bite harrrrd...would not suggest those pads for xc riding. Hardest part is the set up, which 98% of people have no clue about and leads to a shite brake. I also ride a 30 year old steel rigid bike with u brakes faster on mtb trails than most with $8,000 full sus bikes so take what I say with a jaded old man grain of salt...