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  1. What was that way you had me bleed my brakes last, I had never done it like that before but it worked very well... normaly I do exactly like Magura says, but you had a different way - like sucking the fluid in by lever pulling or something ..?? trying to make my pogo full gay pride... the ti hub axle probolts I got are black as night, dodged a bullet there. not that there's anything wrong with that
  2. Let me guess the only ti barbed fittings are those gay pride ones??
  3. That seat angle!! Beautiful.... roflllllll
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm a TT fanboy, now I've got to get three of those levers... is the carthy one just big daddy pimping ? $$$ How much weight would the splitter add- those little barbs weigh nothing... offset it by getting ti bolts everywhere ? I've ridden whatever works parts for 20 years, and want my two bikes to be full pimping now... why not, I can't ride 3 hours every day like I used to, i work too much... so I can buy fancier parts? Not sure it makes sense for happiness but such is life.
  5. Now if someone was to give me all the fancy things I would love to have them, but third rate riding and "idea" to make a video + super hi quality everything is exactly like seeing a guy with a $500 kit + $10,000 carbon bike go slow as f**k up a hill. Totally lame. I'm old school, my soul is stuck in the right click save as and wait 3 hours to watch a movie world. Clicks mean nothing, everyone should just make what they like and listen to their heart...james b and flipp both have soulfull vids...and where the hell are the new clean videos? I miss Mark W editing!!
  6. I'm going to a try front Magura for pogo fun times and need to buy a front hs33... what's the best set up today?? I've run a 2005 hs33 on the back for 12 years, and the ghetto ones before that... I will not run a long bendy lever like all the new racingline etc- the trialtech levers looks great, close to as short / as stiff? / more powerful than the 05 lever, I love every trialtech product I've ever had (always strong enough and works well). I don't know anyone who's got these levers in the USA so I could try them, anyone here have some experience now that they've been out a little while? If I go for this lever, what slave should I pair it with? rockman slave x trialtech clear hose x splitter would be quite line or tt splitter?
  7. You've got the basics, you just need to fine tune it... doing it over and over and over and over and over times years of riding is how you get it to be ideal. You've opened up a conversation with a bicycle once you started riding trials. Like any relationship it takes years to learn the ins and outs... the people who are really good, who you look up to, have been doing it for a long long time... when they were kids they began. Their muscles have adapted to the demands they put on hem and they grow to do specific things. Your technique is way better than most "bunnyhops" done in the mountain bike community- clipped in, both wheels up... at least you have the front up then pull the back. just keep riding looooots
  8. You just need to ride a lot man!
  9. @jamesb move to the U.K. It's the only place you can make a living as a trials rider!! North America = travel 300 days a year doing demos at bicycle shops across the country... and you need a time machine to the 90s and you need to beat Jeff lenosky to the punch.
  10. My sealant says 4 oz for a 29er wheel, I figure 6 oz for a fat 26" wheel?? I've got a compressor, that's half the battle... going tubeless first on my fun hybrid bike so I'll have some practice, then I'll get the foam + exacto out and my gorilla tape and go to work.. is there much weights savings after all is done? People say tubeless is a more supple ride, any change on a trials bike?
  11. Any pure trials bike is like a huge lever that makes large gaps instantly possible. My gu makes unheard of gaps possible... I won't even attempt the same ones on my hex, which is set up in a street configuration. If I put a long and low stem on the hex it would be a bit better... I have no experience on a 24", but Ali can gap far as fuuuuuu on his- in sure he's just a good rider and would be able to go hilariously huge on a comp "cheater" bike. main thing is just riding your bike a lot and trying to gap a lot of you want to get better! Good for you for realizing that sidehops are the worst thing in the world early on in your trials career...don't get too into labeling it street or competition, just ride your bike up and over stuff and have fun.
  12. I'm on 26" and a OG dx32 in rear... spank in front , think the front may be an easy job as at 45 psi it is very rare I rim out on the front (takes a major tap to something sharp!). @ben_travis what is huck Norris? Where will I find that foam.. packing supply store? I stopped riding around my house because every time I'd go for a ride I'd get a front and rear flat from gnarly American desert thorns...not cool... sealant will help this!
  13. Is anyone running a tubeless set up for street trials? I know competition trials tires with low psi ratings was not a good thing, burping too much air... Ali C how are you getting on with yours? I'm going tubeless on my road/mountain bike , interested in its use for my street bike with 45 psi...
  14. No, but high priced cameras don't make a good video.. watch ANY Red Bull video, they are so painful and they are showing people what a video should be like, super slowmo high res of dirt and tires, drone shots of a nice pier... barely viewable actual riding. For my Kenny B video I borrowed a 7d and kit lens ($0), my gimbal was a $5 thrift store tripod with a shirt wrapped on the end for weight balancing and filmed it in one day with no planning- just drove around and filmed.. That video had $0 budget, and has combined over 400,000 views... because I know how trials riders should be shot. Red Bull came out with a Kenny B in San Francisco a week after my Los Angeles video- it couldn't get the hits even though it was filmed with $$$$$ and the Red Bull machine promoting it. Doesn't matter when you can't relate to the riding, and while you watch the video you get the feeling of being in an elevator instead of shredding a bad ass city. I prefer to watch Danny mac on an echo with shit mini dv quality than some elaborate go to another country get cray shots plan for a long time, take time filming.. make sure big sponsor logos are seen.. one day is all you need for a good video, especially if the rider is capable. I know you will disagree with me and that's fine..everyone has their beliefs. We are being bombarded by total SHIT constantly, if you watch television you're already used to it.... disposable world. james b bids are a favorite because the riding is ridiculous, the filming is all it needs to be- you can see what is happening... and they are real bangers that pop out of nowhere. #rideyourbike #biketrials #balanceonbicycle #redbull #inspiredrider #goarcadetheway #drinkpoison #4k #5k #virtualreality #happy #funtimes #streettrials #twentyfourinchrules #ttiplrhopehips #footplantwhips #sidehop #bunnyhop #didiforgetanything #magura #hope #hopeigetfamous
  15. I'd never heard of a VLOG before Ali C made one. I love his, I'm interested in the riding and the sights and sounds of another country. As for trials videos, I stick to trials kings and older videos. I f**king hate drones, drone shots, selfie sticks, 40000k super HD, gimbals any other new bullshit gimics people are using to make their video look like that sick Red Bull "edits". Just make a video that shows something with heart, that the viewer can be somewhat inspired by (pun intended??). haven't watched anyone one else's vlog that I can really remember...they go along with today's eat crap and make a lot of trash society.