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  1. Has Felix been reincarnated?! Smoooooooooooooooooooooooth
  2. As someone who spent years competing with flat bars at a pro American level back in the early 2000s: There is is a certain feeling with flat bars that sucks a big one. Ollllld schooool... tired. Flumpy. Big question - have you ever ridden trials? When you do a monster gap , tap, hook, you open the possibility of hitting your thighs really really hard with your handlebar , especially if things don’t go as planned. I have bruises from my arcade bars, which have a monster rise. If I had a big dick stem with flatbar I’d be bruising myself every time I ride. You lose vital body space. Imagine a ridiculous wheel hook, or putting your front wheel on top of a very high object- where your bike is almost vertical. With a riser bar you are allowed to get your weigh 1-2” more foreword in this situation which makes all the difference. Big dick stem and flat bar pushes you back, no cockpit space. Trials started with flat bars at a time when risers were crappy azonics that snapped all the time... risers have made leaps and bounds in geometry and strength, I can’t imagine anyone going your route- nothing stopping you yourself from doing it. Wont work as well and you will look even doofier than Trials riders already do, if you’re fine with that go for it
  3. Incredible. mark just make every video always... missed your talent! Also- making stand up wheelies look cool......
  4. Incredible. mark just make every video always... missed your talent! Also- making stand up wheelies look cool......
  5. I think you just won a big fat BAN gtfo
  6. Looking forward to his next vid in 2021!
  7. I’ve got a trico iron bike case that you could drop from a plane and the bike would be fine... but you have to pay to fly with it, as the name suggests it’s huge. $70,00,00,00,0000 usd mr brummotee..
  8. Went for trialtech sl cranks and a bonz 135... paired to some new wheels, which with mounted tubes and tires are lighter than just my current rear hope2 /echo tr wheel... going to be a strange experience, expecting exploding wheels as the front is radial and carbon hub... but people say you can’t tap new frames? who knows , we will see how this future trials bike works - looking forward to riding it!!
  9. I live in a land where marijuana is legal. On occasion I end up writing a long reply. These two facts may or may not be related.
  10. Get a 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot, go fill it with sand stick your hand in it and open it as far as possible then close as far as possible and repeat ... strengthen those hands, or just pick up big rocks as you are walking and hold them with proper posture as you walk. Oniy downside to strong hands is all new 2 finger levers feel like microwaved pudding mushy mush pies. also look at your body position- when you are trackstanding, when on rear wheel etc... see if something is strange or looks strained- could be your cranks are too long which means > your hip shifts differently which means your shoulders are not parallel and your elbow will make your wrist will make your hand feel numb... never look at what is hurting, follow down the chain of body mechanics to see what is actually leading to your fingers hurting on the bike. Good luck
  11. Couple 108 jitsie votes- any info on the bonz 135? I’m used to 48 clicks on my pogo, why not go for ridiculous and 135 clicks... the word “jitsie” is a painful word, sounds like some kind of special American dong cancer. Ideally something else purely based on the name... but if it really is the best freewheel , I’ll bite.
  12. The last time I ran a freewheel everyone was giggling about KOXX being a name and the ACS Claw / white industries 18-24 click freewheel were the only choices. A quick look at tarty and some other sites, I'm totally lost- 108 engagements being the lower level of engagements...mind blown. What freewheels are bulletproof now?? I love trialtech products- I don't care about lightweight, I just want performance and strength. I don't like to change things on my bike and ride them till they break then replace. Most important thing is it doesn't give me problems, skipping etc. Seems like hashtag and bonz are the only people making real cranks, everyone else is stuck in 2005 ISIS world...and I'm not paying over $400 for pogo cranks. The trialtech integrated everything cranks look fine to me, is that freewheel ok?? 108? strong?
  13. Surprised g man hasn’t deleted that post already
  14. I think the best part about street riding is just going out and finding shit on your own, that’s more than half the fun... from what I hear Barcelona has no shortage of radical spots, only shortage is in the riders living there... on a slightly unrelated note, Spain is cheap as f**k and I’m looking to escape this United States of fat idiots someday in the future.. my girl has family in Italy and Croatia... a google search of bmx/skate spots Barcelona may yield many results for you..good luck and enjoy that sun.