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  1. I would pay to see that.
  2. Sintaro keeping the crown of smoothness in the island of japan, I think he watched kieta a few times. also the inspired boys- is it the norm now to do five foot bunnyhop to rear!? Holy ffffff
  3. Jealous of that scene!! Keep them coming.
  4. Awesome awesome awesome... how old are you "old man"?
  5. I've got the trp spyre (road version) on my touring bike and I would say they are the worst f**king brakes I've ever owned. Ok not as bad as Hayes early disc brakes the year 2000... but pretty close. The pads unwind themselves after 1 hour of riding, I haven't taken the time to remove the pads and put loctite on the screws to hope that stops it. With four fingers I cannot get the front brake to lock up into an endo, the road version is weaker than the mountain version? I have tried the Spyke model on my friends Alias for a ride around the parking lot. First impression is mushy shite. Just like hope mini back in the day- you squeeze it - it hits- the caliper expands 2-3 mm under the pressure... makes your lever feel mushy and you will pull it until the bar stops you. Not my idea of a good brake for trials. Avid bbdb / odyssey cable&housing/ single digit 7 lever / tt pads = ultimate brake land for mechanicals..
  6. I haven't seen Ali's blog you speak of but I can say as a 35 yo who's been riding trials for 20 years... stretch, balance, take care of your body, do CARs every day, Google them. If something's bothering you take care of it before you ride, it may turn into something bigger and take more time away. Ali doesn't drink so he'll have less pains as an old geezer compared to any party people on the tour... booze is an amazing substance but really is poison for the body. about 4 years ago I had a crash that snapped my left collarbone and scapula, I never went to rehab (you have no idea what it is like in America when you aren't rich)- just lifted rocks on my own. It felt fine. 18 months ago I crashed on my right shoulder, basically put my right hand to my left butt check with my arm straight behind my back. 4 months later ona road bike I went straight into the metal corner of a rod iron fence at 20 mph... with only my right shoulder and helmet. Helmet destroyed, shoulder destroyed. Almost a year and a half later I'm still doing rehab and haven't touched a trials bike. Through working with a great physical trainer (neuro kinetic therapy practitioner) I've found out so many things about the human body and how it works... I spend time every day on the shoulder and proper posture, proper body mechanics that are broken down in the modern era of sitting all day doing nothing. I'm learning these body skills so I can continue riding pain free into my 40s, 50s.... 60s?? 70s?? Who knows. And that's my long rant on a Saturday morning while cuddling dogs in the bed.
  7. Sure they aren't laser etched/wtfever companies use these days? I'm over my days of covering up with spray paint or tape...
  8. If only they didn't look like future aids mountain bike tron lines&logos everywhere and were just black...
  9. Great to hear, hope he's happy and we want to see more footage !! Probably too tired from non stop shows...doesn't stop Ali! I'm still calling it a new girl is why he's not throwing up videos in his spare time...
  10. Oh noooooo cirque ?? American great lance Trappe does one in Florida, that scary strange Canadian guy does one in Canada...
  11. Fuuuu I totally forgot about James b where has he been?? No new videos all summer.. this is chill as... I feel he must have met a woman and now no more bikes
  12. They still have trialsin section!?! If no... why not!!
  13. So many good ones... a lot having specifically to do with an American trials scene, which is easily at a severe low point...Is dirt rag even a magazine anymore?
  14. Going on a 26" spank subrosa / lends nevegal combo... I don't go below 30 unless I'm at a muddy competition in the pouring down rain in Spain. So never More nimble eh? I wonder how only the front wheel will feel..
  15. Would this work for lower psi tires, what would be the limit? 30 psi? 35? What are you running, Ali runs what- 45?? I bought everything to do this save the foam cel pad when Ali did his vlog on it...but never did it. as for the gorilla tape- how far over the edge of the rim did you go ? Do do they make shrader stem caps? Hate presta looks like a roadie puff.. guess I could fashion one out of an old tube.