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  1. My hex went from 80x40 for a long time (loved that) to a 90x17 in a attempt to get a little more pure trials while still having decent manuals, late 90sbiie style. and my comp bike from a 150x30 and lots of spacers , to RN a 150x30 and tiny spacer, may be going 145x25... alao my touring bike went from 80x40 to 70x30, not too much but definitely lower. the stem comparison tool web site is a godsend.
  2. Aaaaaand cue Trialtech high rise rise bar flying off shelves... quite into the arcade bars feeling myself, but this year I'm going lower longer on most of my bikes for a tester... just with stems though, arcade bar and tt carbon..
  3. such a great frame, saw many of them snap!! I learned rolling 180s on my cheetah print jackflash..
  4. Thanks for the great reply. with the wheel out of the bike- when I hold the axle and spin the wheel it is very tight feeling, like a blown bb bearing (my only experience w messed up bearings are the square taper days of yore).. I'll overhaul the hub and see before I pop them out if they are ok or not. thanks again.
  5. I've got my first new non inspired trials frame in over 10 years, and like usual in running into problems. I'm trying to fit a pro 2 hub in this inpulse blast x, the dropouts measure to 134mm- and it is very tough putting the hub straight in there. only when I put the chain on did I realize the freehub is just stuck to the frame, I'm no stranger to filing things down but I'm not sure I want to file down the drive side dropout... is there any way I could make this fit?? This happened late last night so i didn't tinker with it, can the non drive side washers be moved around or are they fixed? Thanks for the help, hoping to not have to go ffw.. Edit: also the hubs bearings are totally shot. Easy replacement ? Quite surprised they are blown, only ridden trials on it for a year or so. Have never opened it up, no skipping problems. double edit: went at it today with a fresh head, changed the cog spacers around and added a thin pedal it rolls! All about that half millimeter Looked up hope overhaul , how necessary is it to have the special cylinders to set the washers and seals? Could I not leave the hub in the sun and freeze the bearings, then just plop them in ?
  6. You liked it? Lots of different people in the world, many enjoy sounding. Google it. There was no effort put into this video, not even a semblance of a bright idea. A jumbled bag of eurotrash. I love my McDonald's, GO TRUMP he would probably kick you out of this country.
  7. I feel the same... if it was just normal ass tubes it would be my favorite looking bike... I go back and fourth on the curved thing, we will see when it's all built up- I've hopped on it (no chain no front brake) and tried to feel it out, I think I'm going to be much happier than on my Gu. the integrated tensioner and booster are nice touches, I'm a light/smoothish rider but for some reason the frame scares me into thinking it might break easily. Riding to bike shop for star nut installation as I speak...
  8. All this talk of carbon and I'm over here going hmmmmmmmmm
  9. Best one I've seen from him... very skilled, major smooth
  10. I just retired my threshold booster.. 15 years of good service on many many frames. finally found a pogo frame I can aesthetically take interest in. Meaning total black with nothing on it, building more up tonight but I won't have a front Maggie for a while... inpulse blast x, we'll see how it feels- only ridden a Gu pogo. The logos come off very easily Much later in the night... almost
  11. I prefer riding a trials bike in the woods to any 24" riding or this bullshit. if you can't see this as bullshit, I would call you the narrow minded person. Get yourself a jitsie neck tattoo and balance on curbs all day.
  12. Think the title should be renamed euro comp rider awkwardly hops around on concrete stuff with amazing balance wearing painful clothing to generic shit video game music. edit: I could've rinsed that last gap with my touring bike, was it for the video to be FUNNYCRAZYWOOO EXTREEEEME FREERIDING #jitsie #jitsie #jitsie
  13. Sick freeriding, it was like watching new world disorder. second video Hans just came out with riding his pogo thing... did you see the one with brunottieSTARRRR hop hop hop
  14. The Vinco was a a strange strange bike to ride in a world of low bb bikes...
  15. Are you aware of the fact they just had a statement saying their "company" is totally f**ked for money and won't make any more frames ? And you are aware their previous company f**ked tons of people out of money? Took order$$ and declared bankruptcy... No idea what you are trying to say about a currency.