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  1. The weather was really bad, but I'm too exciting about my new bike, so I went out and made a few clips:
  2. Thanks guys I just finished my new bike a few days ago. This was my first ride with it: More video coming soon
  3. I went out today to practice a little bit but all of the places were full of snow. I found this clean spot, then I had some fun on the steps. I know, my tyres were way too soft...
  4. Hey Guys, I'll be in Dublin between 28. November - 09. December. My bike also will be there I just wondering if there are any riders there in this period. Would be great to ride with others. Tamas.
  5. I make a little brakless clip with my new ozonys frame: The video is short, the cut and the camera is not the best. It was a very quick job. But at least the music is good I hope you enjoy it
  6. Thanks guys! Yes, they asked. I went away after him.
  7. I made a short video for Christmas These jumps are left out of my this year's contest video:
  8. love it! Geo and weight?
  9. It sounds good! Next week I will have a lot free time, but some time later is good for me. contact by e-mail (tmbtrial@gmail.com) or facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tamas.misik.9) I think we can talk more easily there than here.
  10. this week, I might not yet work, and next week I'm usually free on weekends. I want to travel the country to discover all of, so the distance is not a big problem for me... I would like to Going on a trip come to you a few times ride a bike
  11. I now moved to Ireland (Listowel). I will live here for 2-3 months... Someone accustomed to ride a trial bike in the country? I will gladly ride a bike with others, and I would like to practice your language my e-mail: tmbtrial@gmail.com facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tamas.misik.9
  12. Here is my video: I hope you enjoy it! Special thanks: Gergely Kovacs Ferenc Boldizsar Zsolt Vajda
  13. Thanks guys!