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  1. slow mo is rubbish! i wanna see this vid in normal speed!!!! stopped it half way through xx
  2. i wanna look like him!!
  3. the riding was awesome but the music was proper shit!!
  4. the footage for the elite final was good but the 20" final the coverage was wank! it kept skipping through stuff x
  5. sod carbon! stick with whats on it!
  6. its just a carbon crekerz cleep!
  7. really like that just wish it had and hydraulic front brake cos those bb5s are poop x
  8. that looks awesome!!!!
  9. i had the diamondback and the orange zero and they wer both such good bikes! i want another diamondback trials frame now hahaha!
  10. boring! The moves are big dont get me wrong its almost the same move every time! sorry! x
  11. build it! will ride amazing! the geo on CLS's bikes was always really nice to ride!
  12. i wish i had the money to get something like that!
  13. sounds like they would snap too easy! why do u need mega light parts? jus learn to ride with what u are comfortabl with. you will be a much better rider than loosing a few grams off your bike!
  14. yea its the leverage im worried about. how mant mm of spacers are on that? i build bike for planet x and the distance between the top headset bearing and the bar clamp concern me xx