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  2. Hi been on the darkside a few years now, i ride 3-4 times a week usually one long session 4h (mainly pure trials)and 2-3 small ones 1,5 hour(street+skatepark).. main problem is HARSH landings (2m drop to flat), hang up on dirtjumps ect...other than that i do some shoulder/leg/back streching 2-3 times a week about 30min per session... i have friends in the 50's still charging...:-) so no reason to stop anytime soon...The magic trick for me seems to be warming up/ light streeching before riding 5-10min.. and loads of Coffee...
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  5. Thanks for that Andy. You definitely jump started my riding after we met. I need to do more in the stretching department. I have about a mile of a slow down hill to get to my usual riding spot so I try to stretch on the bike; calves for 30 sec and then way leaned back on the bike to stretch my back. I bought Ryan Leech's yoga for cyclist video years ago, but I've never actually watched it. I was once good about stretching on my off days, but I've gotten far less regimented about it lately. The heart rate monitor has been pretty illuminating. I raced XC MTB all through college in the late 90s and also used an HR monitor and would regularly see 210 bpm on sprint climbs; boy those days are gone! Now, because of my usual time limits on how long I can ride, I feel like I've sort of trained my body to peak for about an hour. If I rest between sections, I'll return to between 70-90 bpms. One Saturday that I was able to ride for a little over 3 hours, the HR monitor said I had burned 2400 calories! Pretty sure I had a large green tea milkshake after that ride! I used to take alpha lipoic acid after my rides to mitigate soreness and I've recently tried one of the CBD derived recovery drops that really helps with soreness, but I think adequate water before and after a ride plays a huge role in soreness too.
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  8. There’s only two comp riders I enjoy watching and that’s Joacim and Carthy. Both massively impressive but I still prefer Watson’s style. As above I’d love to see him on a Maestro carbon and see what he could do.
  9. Some of this was part of the reason I was interested in if any trials riders used Strava for trials rides. I was curious about how more experienced trials riders spent their time riding - for example how much resting between attempts of lines, and the sort of intensity of effort put into it (ie how much it pushed their heart rate up if that data was available). I'm starting out trials approaching my mid forties and I'm not yet all that relaxed on the bike, I think it's still a bit of a fight against the bike/gravity/myself at times, which becomes very tiring. All these little moves I attempt can't be as tiring for an experienced rider, but that's getting a bit off-topic. Just to clarify what I said earlier about riding 6 days a week, I meant getting on a bike and riding, not just trials riding. Most weeks I'll only go out on the trials bike twice a week, sometimes 3 times and little bits here and there on a couple of commutes home. I won't do much more than that as my wrists will suffer, and over the past 3 months there can be a tight feeling along the clavicle after trials rides (lasted at least a week after the Bike Academy Weekender). I generally avoid riding trials two days in a row to help recovery. Part of the wrist problem might stem from bad landing technique, though that's slowly improving, but not having as much time for long XC/trail rides also helps. I've got some gymnastic rings which I use sporadically to do really basic stuff on, and my wrists usually feel pretty good after. I went to an indoor skate park last night with my Inspired Console. I'm not very experienced at that either, only the 2nd time I've been there. Only managed an hour before I felt absolutely blasted and went home. Spent 3/4 of the time dripping puddles around my bike. Concluded I must have been making hard work of it for it to feel that tiring.
  10. I'm the wrong side of 40 now (only by 5 months mind) and I must admit that I've not ridden the trials bike in anger for far too long, got to be 5-6 years easily. I don't think I would have any issues with riding multiple times a week (assuming there was time to do so) once the base level muscle fitness had returned but it wouldn't be close to the 4-5 hours a day I used to ride in my 20s. Didn't @Stan Shaw used to state that riding pure/natural trials was one of the biggest calorie burners?
  11. Also closing in on but not quite 40 yet, and can only echo what's been said above. General health and fitness seems to play a big part for me too, including proper food and working on flexibility. At the moment I'm riding more than I ever have during my 'proper' adult life and the body is holding up just fine so far. Interesting heart rate stats, haven't considered before what effect trials might have on that - quite significant, seemingly!
  12. Not 40 (just turned 39) but yeah I agree with what you say. The worse part is recovering from injuries, even minor ones takes ages. I don't tend to get to ride two days in a row at the moment, but it isn't really an issue. Biggest changes I have made to keep riding as I get older is eating better, drinking less and stretching a lot. Keeping that body flexibly is a big thing now, doing squats and stretches (I don't go crazy with it), even on days I don't ride means I feel good more often than not when I do ride.
  13. Still in the same state, currently searching for some forks and also need the rear wheel rebuilt.. It is on an ever growing to do list currently Ahahaa nooo! I need to at least build it and ride it first, might get a Mod next as I have been through everything else
  14. Thanks for the insight. Always something that's impressed me because I can understand that it's a tough job to do really well.
  15. He's probably sold it and wanting a TGS bike.
  16. You’re definitely one of the more energetic riders I’ve ridden with... Many people just sit there and talk, you go at it and are an inspiration... I just cleaned the bike dungeon.:. maguras have to be bled... think im gonna break this 17 pound inpulse on the first ride... Got 3 years before I can join this thread, peace...
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  18. In less expensive topics, got some new (to me) forks to replace the standard cheapo Rockshox on my Jamis. Set at 140mm so I get an extra 20 from standard and man does it make a difference! Feel it needs some Raceline Magura MT's now to match the stickers and pedals
  19. Any update on the build of this one! Interested to see the finished article
  20. Hi, At 37 I'm looking to start riding once more. Dream of doing a comp again, too. I have a Pashley in pretty good condition and I'm considering getting some disc tabs brazed on. I'll look out for a second hand set of brakes on ebay, Facebook, etc... Is anyone still riding around sussex. I can't remember the last time I saw someone riding trials. I'm in the littlehampton area but willing to travel around a bit. Any advice would be very welcome. Especially on the pashley mod. Cheers Ben
  21. Yeah, two of us for our full package. We do a solo thing, two shooters short hours and two shooters for the whole day. Two is easier, mainly because I can concentrate on mingles whilst Paul gets room details, formals or more mingles. If you shoot solo, you have to manage couples expectations more. Get them to have at least two hours between ceremony and wedding breakfast. You get quick at doing certain things too, room details can be smashed out in 5 mins. The best weddings have couples that trust you, loads of time for everyone to relax and you get time to get safe shots as well as experimenting with shots. Plus it can take time to get a good bunch of really good stuff.
  22. We've bled it twice already, using a pump, but yeah maybe it needs more bleeding. Would the release bearing make the clutch bite slightly at times, even with the clutch pedal pushed in? It's done it a couple of times, just like a little lurch forwards as if the clutch was engaged, but the pedal was fully down...
  23. For the effort it would take I'd bleed the clutch system to rule that out. Worn release bearings generally rattle though rather then squeal, but I'm not well versed on MX5s so dont take it as gospel.
  24. Have to say out of all of that enjoyed the sidehop to wooden fence post turned corner up the most!
  25. WTF? That last clip! No one goes this big anymore.
  26. One must complete a CLS YouTube binge to find it. All worth watching anyway.
  27. What is that vid with the huge gap to rail? Got a link?
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