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  2. I've always used steel 22t rings, but the new cranks have a different bolt pattern (shimano asym) and i can only find a 22t in aluminium. Will i just have to change it more often and otherwise it should be fine? Has anyone seen a steel asym 64mm 22t ring?
  3. Just me turning and shaking the heck out off these small obstacles
  4. Does anyone know where I can get a Chris King HD rear axle the 135mm with the fun bolts? Doesn’t look like Tarty stocks them anymore and I’ve looked online but have only found one place but it’s in Canada. Just wondering if anyone knows of any uk stockists?
  5. Just happened to watch this again - Tyre Jam Inception line is probably the best spot usage I've seen in a long, long time.
  7. All good stuff Sam, super happy your jumping in and having a go, never met you but it's clear to see you know what your doing with them so stick to it man.
  8. Collected my EG6 last night. Paint needs attention but the shell is solid. K20 is out of the coupe for head gasket doing, final drive, 4th 5th and 6th year replacement and diff rebuild. Del Sol VTI arriving next month that I’m planning on robbing the B16 from to go in the blue EK shell I aquired with the unit. Business insurance in place for my unit. B16 swapped EK in for an engine rebuild over the next few weeks, EF Civic B swap is building up component wise and a few K series boxes to do. All go!
  9. F1

    Had no idea about that either - just read the article about it on Wikipedia (for those interested:'s_visit_with_Boeing). What a dude. Slightly on a tangent, but it's interesting to note the parallels with Boeing refusing to accept blame in that instance, and with the 737 MAX crashes.
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    The thing that I learned about him yesterday that I wish I’d learned long before was his involvement into the crash of Lauda Air 004. He essentially called Boeing out to admit fault by saying he’d go up in a plane and do what they were saying was recoverable (and what was suspected to have caused the crash). It was only when he was going to publicly put his life on the line that they said it wouldn’t be such a great idea. Big f**king balls, and a legend of not just F1.
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    To be fair, I don't think they need to do much with the stability. Part of the reason the old onboards look so much more rah-rah than the new ones is that the new ones have so much stabilisation it takes away the 'feel' of what's going on. In other news, pretty shitty about Niki Lauda. Kind of appreciated his attitude at races compared to most of the corporate/PR people in F1 these days. His history too...
  12. U sound fit. Wanna help convert my software to hardware?
  13. Last week
  14. Mastery
  15. That one's actually bad foot and bad side. I was hoping someone would mention it so I could make excuses for how crazy sketchy it was Thanks guys
  16. You're riding always has so much tech I can watch a video a few times and keep on noticing little things. Bad foot sidehop at 1:34?
  17. Is Danny dc2 the nurburgring slayer in that k20 mr2? His mate executes that's stunning fwd drift in that dc5 Got someone local on the hook to buy the fairlane, kinda dont want it to stay around as I dont want to see it driving around but a sales a sale. The idea was to put the money into my business and give cars a break for a while, then get back into it when I can afford something dream status, but my juke picker in the states has spotted a 61 Caddilac coupe deville bubbletop that's given me mild feels...
  18. Hey Guys! I just finished the editing of the full film. The final version is 1 hour 34 minutes (7,3 GB) You can get the film by supporting my project on Patreon:
  19. Super clean smooooth riding...and speedy recovery ..
  20. Haha you could say that. Keep an eye out from an order from me soon, got a new bike tonight
  21. Never Before Done Stunt Liked the quickcrete 360tyre tap and the rock line at the end.
  22. He'd be faster if he wasn't shuffling that wheel like a poooo-saaaaay. It does look remarkably tame in car though. I guess that 650+BHP will do the trick in terms of overall times though.
  23. Imagine trying to manual if the trailer was "fixed".
  24. Cheers dude! Lots of little tiny reasons as you said - one being putting 5L too much fuel in which would account for that 0.2s on my final run... Never mind, what's done is done! Yeah, the GT86 doesn't look half as much fun on the in-car, it sure has some bant though
  25. That was just so much, can't imagine how weird it must be to ride like with a trailer attached.
  26. Excellent stuff dude, you have the best hooks in the game. The stairs line was super fun.
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