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  1. great riding ! really cool streetaction !
  2. sooooo goood !
  3. sounds perfect for my rehabilitation!
  4. 9 months after my Op I bought myself a new toy for motivation Czar Ion with a few changed details : Fabian
  5. From the album some stuff from my cam

  6. From the album some stuff from my cam

  7. From the album some stuff from my cam

  8. so much love <3
  9. a standart GOREZ Video. Felix Kaiser is a good trials rider! Felix Mücke is a smooth Bikerider and his skills and flow are legendary. you cant compare.... Gorez does filming for Youtube, His intention is to reach a great mass of people and he does it with passion. So I support him and want him to continue..... When my foot is healed I go to felix M. in the south of germany and will film some real-clean lines....
  10. nice riding Dude! please tell me something about your geo. What stem and bar ? more Vids please
  11. Hello lovely trialcommunity Martin and me haven´t seen a long time, so we decided to meet in my hometown. We enjoyed the riding much and at the evening we know, why it´so important to ride your bike. Gale warning,wet,cold, clouds like typical german weather... and a lot of fun I hope you like it. Fabian
  12. i love trialsvideos like this! good work !
  13. Hallo friends from the island, Iam riding trials now since 10years. At the moment I have a lot of time and so I took the time to visit friends, which i know because of trial. I met Kai Lorenz . It was hot, wet and 9 o´clock in the morning. I hope you like it...
  14. After Elias come back from Radfest he wanted to show me his new bike. The Result :
  15. your style look like so much big fun ! what for a stem do you use ?