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  1. Hi Chas, I'm riding Brighton tomorrow (Monday) with Spode, starting around 11am at the Skatepark. Be good to meet local riders, PM me for my number if yo fancy coming along? Darren
  2. In the words of Lee Evans.. Walking into the bathroom after my wife has had a shit is like walking into a wall of smell!
  3. Back to the original thread title.......... Not properly washing the cup or spoon up after making a cup of tea... Being amazingly good at parking, bucking the trend.....
  4. Im in Margate, but work in this area..... And I adore Scott...... Like a spot...... )
  5. I've had my fair share of bikes, but this is by far the best I have owned...... I prefer a traditional set up with a seat, this bike fits my style - great for bunnyhops, skids and wheelies! Darren
  6. I considered that, but my partner is wanting to learn to ride, so I wanted something she could have once she gets her CBT when I get a bigger bike. Even when I get my new licence, I may not get a bigger bike immediately......,
  7. Meet my new toy. Due to the start up costs ( Bike / Helmet / Leathers / Insurance etc ), I've only taken a CBT Licence at this point. Being 33, and had a full driving licence since 18, I'm in no rush at this moment to get the full licence (Will be within a year though). I thought if I'm going to do it, I'll do it properly. Yamaha YZF R125, brand new. Amazing bike, up to 70 no issues, amazing ride, comfy, but really helping me to learn ride a motorbike, completely difference to riding a mountain bike! Great residual value, and I think looks amazing. As I said, I'll most likely upgrade to a full licence within a year, but for the time being, I'm having a hell of a lot of fun! Surely, that's what riding bikes is all about ) Thanks Darren
  8. Hi Chaps. I'm staying in Richmond (West London) Monday and Tuesday night, and will be taking my bike with me. I wanted to see if there are any riders that fancy going up, as I don't know what is in the area? I'll be free from around 630 each night, be great to meet and ride with new people. Thanks Darren
  9. What do you do if you come across a tiger in the jungle? Wipe it off and apologise.......
  10. Hi All, A lot of the "Old School" riders are no longer on the scene, so I wanted to see who is still riding in and around Kent. I currently live in Margate, but ride all over the county, so was wondering who is about now a days? Thanks Darren
  11. Prob a bit too late if Im honest mate. Ill be finishing around 4
  12. Hi Chaps. Date change, now riding Saturday 3rd August from 5 instead. Thanks Darren
  13. Hi Chaps, I'm staying in Watford this coming Thursday evening, and am looking to ride from around 7ish if anyone is available? Thanks Darren
  14. Live in Margate, but I know lots of riders in the area!
  15. I was working in Woolwich this Monday just gone, and I wanted to pay my respects, so I took the time to visit the memorial. For such a horrific event, the sorrow you feel looking at all the messages, coupled with the heartfelt love shown from all races and religions was mind blowing. Kids as young as 3 laying flowers, young children around 6 years old leaving their toy soldiers in memory of Lee left me in tears, and Im not afraid to admit it. The one thing that struck me was the silence. The exact spot where Lee fell is a mass of lovely flowers and messages. Truly mindblowing, and a moving memorial.