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  1. My newish bike.
  2. I really enjoyed this.
  3. Sick.
  4. He should have worn medieval clothes. Riding was good though.
  5. This video has made my day, so so good.
  6. I like lamp.
  7. Can someone upload BI-KING as well please.
  8. Where did you get your custom graphics from and how much did they cost? I've just built up a pashley all it needs is a paint job and stickers. Yours is gonna look pimp, I reckon you should track down the original forks though make it look more authentic.
  9. Seriously couldn't wait to watch this after reading comments first, the guy Manuels like a dick. If your gonna back flip at least clear the gap, his pedals looked in the wrong position for everything he did on the car roof tops, he actually picked his bike up and took it through a hard bit, but to be fair that was a sweet superman. Maybe I'm just a bit to nit picky though.
  10. Really cool video, bring back the old school.
  11. Can't believe I've never seen this video, sick riding from everyone.
  12. yeah, frame-fork-headset-cranks-BB-tyres-front wheel all sitting around doing F A.
  13. King hub, don't know what rim it is though.
  14. Was gonna put brakes on but rear rim is way to wide, eventually I'll change it for a mavic or sunn rim and go front and rear V.
  15. Whole bike built out of spare parts or stuff I got on the cheap. Wasn't gonna post it on here, but thought might as well. Enjoi. X