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World's Smallest Man

Egg Fried Rice

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ahah the presenter was treating them like little kids, picking them up and stuff, proper funny

Made me laugh when he went to that shop to buy him some 'rags'...

'Incase you're wondering, that man isn't massively tall...he's standing on a platform.'

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The first one from Nepal was soooo cute! With his little dances and tiny voice.

I turned off after seeing the chinese man, he was sort of looked like he melted in the wheelchair.

I wonder why those chose Mark Doland as the presenter..... :lol:

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I like his name "He Ping Ping" lol...

It was pretty bad how he treated him, picking him up like a little baby or something. Was funny seeing the little dude puffing away on cig's though haha.


I'm sorry but what the f*ck happened to these peope, there like a freak of nature unless all they eat their life is sh*t loads of fish, meat and vegatables...

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