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Onza hog has 4mm holes, countersunk, one at each spoke location and two in between on my 32h rim, giving a total of 96 holes per side, thus 192 in total

When added to the 32 spoke holes, the 30 weight saving holes, and the valve hole that come as standard, it would be a labo(u?)rious task to whittle one from scratch :turned:

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Hey i just had a thought. I saw the Onza Hog rim with the drilled side wall and I like it, but do you think it would be ok if i got a garage to drill the side walls on my Ronnie 26"?

I don't think this would work, garages lack certain human qualities which allow them to work electronic equipment such as drills.

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Don't know why, but something about that made me laugh like f**k, haha.

:) Like asking a window cleaner to install a nuclear reactor.

Just make sure all the holes are equal distances apart...otherwise you may ruin the looks of a perfectly good wheel :)

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It does make it look pretty cool, but doesn't save a fat lot of weight, I managed to save 18g out of my front wheel, and drilled in line with every spoke hole and then 2 in between each of them.

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