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Mbuk Pompey Photo Shoot

Nick Manning

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This is to all those who attended the photo shoot with myself in Pompey a while ago. I've just had a text from Steve Bardens (guy taking all the pictures), that there is going to be a 7 page feature of the day. It will be in the next issue of MBUK, issue no 226. Not the current one with the 20th anniversary, the next one.

A qoute from Steve about the feature "Dave Marshall may wet himself"

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am i in it???? hehe, would be blag of the century if i am. right place right time and all that. was a good ride to be on (for me was good to watch more than anything)


you are mentioned as luke walker hahaha

i read it yesterday, it came in the post, there is a tiny bit about pscos and police, with a picture of prawn riding the police station hahaha

manning, goddard, rich pearson and davey M are virtually bummed to death, but was an ok article, although you are now the pompey boissss brap

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Can somebody put pics of the pages up? I havdn't subscribed in over a year cos I thought the mag went to shit. Cheers in advance (Y)

You would be right. I get it every month because I always forgot to tell my Mum to not bother subscribing to it for christmas for me.

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