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New Megamo Vid


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There is only one dangerous dave.

I love it. I have not seen you on a megamo for god know how long. That was so good watching you kick some trials moves out of that bike. It was such a good frame to ride. Always wanted one. But now i just think about the time i wanted one and that has just made me want one again. Are you planning on that being your bike for the season dave? Loook after it. lol

See you soon. Im in the first stages of looking at getting over for crankworx. does stevie baia sort that out for the trials side of things.

speak soon dave.

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I am inspired very inspired indeed.

I will be out on my Megamo tomorrow for sure here it is in all its glory.....sos couldn't resist a picture, I am not hijacking the thread :$


It is great to see an old classic busting some real moves shame mine will never reach those type of moves with me on it...........

Thanks for the inspiration dude.


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Wow! still on the Megamo! I was only aware of your riding not long back, when i saw it i was blown away just knowing that your skill level was way above most others years ago. I really don't know why i hadn't seen any footage of you before on biketrials.com, i always used to check that site. (Y)

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Your vid is almost 20 minutes long with only 2 minutes of footage, the rest is just black screen :huh:

I remember how much you were loving your megamo! It suits your style so well.

Great riding, big and smooth. I want more...specially your famous huge static rear wheel gaps!

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