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Spokes breaking constantly

Theo Sanders

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For the past couple of days I've been concentrating on gap-to-fronts and up-to-fronts, and today I noticed I have 3 broken spokes on the disc side of the front wheel. The broken spokes are circled in red, and one of them has also damaged the hub a bit (circled in blue). And by the way, it is the second time this happens in about a month. I have standard spokes that go on Echo Lite mod. Is that normal? If not, what's wrong and can I do something about it?

And if it might be significant, I twisted the bars forward "à la" John Carthy...

post-31773-0-89580600-1388234951_thumb.j post-31773-0-52560400-1388234968_thumb.p

Thanks for the help,


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spokes need even tension throughout the wheel for a good wheel build, this will ensure a straight rim and even stress distribution. as said, looks like they were tightened too much causing the heads to shear. at this stage you have no idea what kind of fatigue has been seen by the remaining spokes, you may get away with dropping new ones in there, but a fresh 3x wheel build should be on the cards.

disc brakes cause significant stress to spokes, but it is an odd one, had the rim been used previously? been flat spotted? and then attempted to rectify the flat spot with spoke tension?

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I had this problem on a rear Echo wheel. I had it re-built with brand new DT swiss spokes and the problem didnt go away. After more spoke breakages I had a mate in the LBS put it in the wheel truing jig. We found the rim wasnt constructed properly. one side of the rim was slightly lower than the other which meant whenver it hit the ground coming off an object or drop-off the left side spokes where momenterily under much more stress the the right as they loaded up 1st, so would snap on impact in the same place as yours.

The rim the 24" Echo urban on a TR hub with Echo spokes.

This was just down to crappy Echo build quality. I replace the rim and the problem was solved.

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Thanks everyone

had the rim been used previously? been flat spotted? and then attempted to rectify the flat spot with spoke tension?

The bike was completely new when I got it, and as of now there don't seem to be any seen damages to it. Of course when the spores broke it went a bit crooked, but I've just taken the bike back from the shop and everything seems to be ok right now.

John Carthy

And sorry, my fault, of course I meant Jack... should have been thinking of something else at that moment. My appologies

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