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TrashZen fully re-loaded


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It was about time to re-code TrashZen, mainly because increasing screen sizes meant that year-on-year, the site was shrinking.

The photos and the animations were getting all pixelated (especially the most dated ones, when internet connexions were so poor that you had to make everything small, check out the 2004 version for a laugh).

So I have recoded every page to include better resolution pictures, the pages are responsive to display size, so they always fit nicely, without having to scroll all over the place (they can even shrink to one column, but the images and text always adapt to be readable).


Then, using the mouse-wheel, you can animate all the step-by-step sections at your own pace, back and forth to see the full move sequence in high resolution.

On top of that, nearly every page comes with a HD video showing the technique in slow-motion, performed in different contexts (some extracts of old vids, and some more natural since I have quite a nice rocky zone nearby).


The overall look is still pretty much the same as before (I chose a more readable font), but as it is now, the website should survive quite a few years of pixel shrinkage (hopefully until its 20th birthday in 2018).

It´s online now, so check it out again!

Hope you'll enjoy.

Wishing you all an excellent year!

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Great stuff :)

In the interest of being picky because no doubt you want it right, there's a little issue with the responsiveness. As you resize the window down it chops off the right hand column before it resizes:


Unlikely it'll ever be an issue, because it occurs at an odd resolution, but it's worth pointing out. Also, you might want to assign this to the CSS to make the whole thing centre in the browser when the window is larger than the width of the content:

#wrapper {
   margin: 0 auto;

It's a great improvement though, hopefully you don't mind a little constructive criticism :)

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