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Longest time away from riding? How did/does it make you feel


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So I am currently bike-less after the other half and I having a kid and becoming a sole provider / rent & bill payer / taxi driver for 2.1 people...

Sold off the last of my bikes September last year and even with all the rain I have not stopped thinking about getting back in the saddle.

I don't know about anyone else, but after always owning a bike of sorts since I could ride one. Having 5 months of no bikes is driving me insane! I have tried to warrant it in that we are in a 1st floor flat with no bike storage other than our bedroom, but I can't fool myself.

So there must be others who went through a stint like this, has anyone managed to completely stop riding? Or has everyone had to go back to one discipline of riding or another to stay sane?

This is only a temporary gap for me, I will be either buying a budget all round street bike soon or just saving my pennies and getting something spanking for the summer as I cannot stay off bikes.


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Used to be almost completely bike orientated. Began to lose interest a month or so before Radfest and then haven't ridden a trialsy bike since. Bought a GU that Ive never ridden properly at all, and swapped that for a DJ/Street rig so I can ride parks again.

But I can quite happily go without a bike now.

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Because I'm pretty cursed in my 3 and a half years of riding I only up to almost two years riding time in there. Because my shoulder dislocated twice I had two 6 month recovery sessions andthe third time I didn't get to ride for almost 19 months because of the operation. Really sucked so much. Worse thing was literally after arriving back home from the hospital being told I could finally ride again my dog cut my finger and it got infected so I couldn't ride another two weeks.

Then last year I wore my ACL ligaments so I haven't rode for the last 11 months, and I have another 9 months before my knee might be up for riding again. Problem is I'm having the same problem with the other shoulder so supposedly if I ride again I have a 90% chance of dislocation, so it's kind of doubtful if it'll be worth coming back to it.

Not riding really gets me down. Since I started it's be far been my favourite thing to do. It's kind of sad but my some of my favourite days in my life were riding at my local station carpark for three hours practically non stop with my earphones. The most annoying thing is I think about it at least every few hours, I've pretty much planned out what would be my next 5 videos in terms of lines, songs and edit, and that's even mapping out progression time :P

God dammit writing this is depressing.

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I went 6 months without riding when I broke my ankle and hated it. Also used to live in a 2nd floor flat with the wife and my first son and I couldn't have gone without a bike at the time. Especially came in when he started on a balance bike as speed wasn't an issue so I could play about on walls in a car park down the road whilst he whizzed about!

Get one bought.

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