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Slackbike little fun vid


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Are you sweedish/german/norweigan ? i only ask because you have the ratchet on top which makes the line feel strange ... Have the ratchet under the line -its a gravity thing ;)

Na i doubt rich pearson supplied that set up .Looks like the old slacktivity sets from switzerland

Bike and slackline <3

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Thanks guys!

Its actually no real slack line but a webbing load restraint assembly, not sure how the correct english expression is. (http://www.spanngurt-technik-shop.de/shop/images/content/4%20to%20Spanngurt.jpg)

But it has the same characteristics as a slack line, as some slack pros told me, just cheaper. Of course there are a lot of different slacks available (also material wise).

A wider version isn't necessarily better for biking.

180s bloody hard! ;) Lets see...

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