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Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas all, I’ve been on this forum since 2003. Some pretty lengthy hiatus’s a while ago but keep coming back to watch everyone’s discussions and occasionally contribute so thank you! Just Finished my new office complete with pashley 26mhz, Month Xhydra, Leeson 609 hanging on the wall so made me a little sentimental tonight! Hope Santa brings you all your bike requirements this year and hope you all have a great new year! Post any interesting thoughts from the last year or the future year below or just say merry Christmas!!

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I managed 2:30am. I was trying to pretend to be clever and grown up this year and got some presents sorted in summer already.

The downside being that I kept remembering them as I thought that I finally had finished. :rolleyes::biggrin:

Merry Christmas everyone!

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