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20" Riders, What Do You Like?

Inspired Dave

Which of these front brakes would you most prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which of these front brakes would you most prefer?

    • V-Brake.
    • Magura HS33.
    • Disc brake.

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Hey guys,

Bit of research needs to be done (Y).

This is for 20" only riders please.

If you could have any front brake, what would it be?

I dont really need to know which model Hope you'd choose if you were after a disc brake, just whether it'd be a front V, HS33 or disc brake in general.

Thanks for your help, hopefully an accurate poll will benefit you guys in the near future!



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Im a full on beast so I use an un-nessasary 180mm Mono Mini, stops like a good-un!

I did run V-Brakes and I've tied Magura's, Maggies for the hassle dont seem worth it to me I'd rather have a nice V-Brake upfront.. but then again my Disk's got way more stopping power than any Vee I've tried and has the feel so you can nose manual for ages aswell and roll about the front wheel comfatably (Y)

So Disk for me!

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I can't afford to get a disc, then get a new front hub, then get the wheel build, so I stick with my Magura HS33 up front. Used to be a "V's all round" sorta person, but Maguras have got a shitload of hold. Pad-wise, I'm running 1 Plaz CRM and 1 Koolstop red 'cos it's all I had to hand. However, the CRM's about 1mm thick at it's thickest point, so I'm a bit rogered now. Still locks and stops me a good 'un though, so can't really complain.


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If it works stay with it myself if i could get a disc i would just for the "pimping" look of them which is why i think most people get them my magura works fine so no need to change if it locks and hold and has the modulation that you like from the brake why switch?? (Y)


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