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Crazy Frog Ringtone


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That crazy frog isn't in the slightest way funny or internesting or anything, it's obsolute wink.

It's pretty crazy how much those phones companys must make from loosers requesting ringtones and wallpapers. I don't understand why people pay money for custom ringtones and wallpapers, it just seems far to pointless. A bit to much gold soverign on every finger 'I'm better than you' for me (Y)


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It's not funny, it's just a silly sound made by Scatman John's best friend.

As for ringtones, although they annoy the shit out of me, if everybody had the normal ring ring (like me) then I'd be reaching for the phone every 5 minutes. It would appear that if I get the ringtone "Gonna Give it to you" by X to the Z Xibit, there's more chance of somebody else having that tone than ring ring!

Ring tones are the biggest waste of money in the world, I would never, ever ever spend money on one. EVER!

Yes the crazy frog is annoying me!

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So they actually sold it? I thought those dodgey mobile companies would have just stolen it and ripped it off. Im sick of seeing the adverts for it on TV as its way old and been arround ages.



Because of several mails from concerned people I want to state here that I do have an agreement with the companies Jamba!/Jamster and Zed that allows them to distribute artwork with this character as mobile phone content and use it in their advertising. They have not stolen it from me.

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the turbo force design team would of sue'd there asses off if it was stolen. people have stolen the sound before cause it was played over the top of a picture of a formula one ferrari. But i belive the rights were given to the phone people cause turbo force saw lots of money, as they are now sellin shirts with the bloody frog on to. Won't surprise me if it has a lil button you press that plays the god awfull 'Bada bing bing ba ding ding bing bing paaccchhhhhhhhhh baaaummmmm baaummmmm, WHAAAHHHHHHHHHH' u no the rest.

Its terrible (Y) Why people want that as a message tone. My mate filmed me at college doing my :P errmm college work............. and he tryed to send me the vid by email and straight to my phone but it won't work so i can't show you guys what i do on my mechanics course :P thought it might make you all giggle abit but till i find a way of gettin it on comp i cannot.

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