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White Wristband


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It's from www.makepovertyhistory.org.

Why do you need to be given a band to donate to charity though? Just seems like a way for people to go "Look, I've given money to a worthy cause. Yay."

Superficial, almost? Meh, it's money to a good cause I suppose, but the whole "band" theme's getting hella old.

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Just to confirm...

Livestrong (Lance Armstrongs Cancer foundation) ONLY come in yellow, any other colour with 'Livestrong' no is fake.

The anti bullying bands that come from the BBC are blue.

The white bands are for oxfam, they are not directly related to the tsunami, the money is just for oxfam as a charity HOWEVER since all of oxfams money and resources are going to the tsunami... i guess you should still get one for this reason.

The pink bands are for breast cancer.

Also, dont pay more than about £2 if your looking on ebay. If you pay more than this you are contributing profits to the people selling them, which is sick and wrong.

Cheers, sam

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I feel physically sick when I see some f**king scally reject buying one to go with their trendy Topman clothes. There's no awareness, there's no respect, just pure, unadulterated tosser-ness.

But hey, that's my opinion...

Doesn't bother me, the money goes to a good cause whoever buys it, plus gives me an excuse to giggle and the prats...bonus >_<


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