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Stephen Morris

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Right I'm a very bored little boy so I thought I'd do what I often do when I'm bored, play on Google. There are a few games that can be played on google; some people like to Googlewhack, others my self included like to search for their own name and see how popular they are compared to other people with the same name, some people even use Googlewhack to search for stuff - nobody on Trials-Forum mind!

So to the point, go to Google and click 'images' and then type in your name (first name and surname) and see how popular you are. Does your photo come up or are you a complete loser in the field of people with your name? Have a look and post the results. You'll find that the less popular your name is, the better at this game you'll be, Tim rodriguez (below) is the first person who pops up when you enter his name. Also specify what page you turn up on. Pictures posted by you of your bike or something else do not count, it must be a photo of you. If you're on there at all then it will probably be on the first few pages.

'Stephen Morris' on Google Page 2


'Stephen Morris' on Google Page 3


'Tim rodriguez' on Google Page 1


Yes I'm bored, but at least I'm finding something constructive to do and I'm not showing you pictures of how my bike looks now I've put an identical (yet newer) Comp 24 on it (Y)

For those who are interested there's actually a book called "Stephen Morris" written by a guy called 'Neville Shute' it's about planes and stuff, I bought it a while back but haven't read it.

Once again, apologies for this useless topic, if one person plays my game I'll be happy!

Peter Haydon, George Seamons, Mike Hardman, Matt/Matthew Staples, James Lim and Andrew/Andy Chai I've already checked for you - sorry guys you don't make the grade.

Stephen Morris.

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Every single image is mine when i search 'dannytipple'  probably because of the dannytipple.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk (Y)

If you put a space between Danny and Tipple then you only get 4 results, 2 pictures of your bike, one of the number 1 and a picture of a cup - none actually of you though (Y)

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Hehe, great thread. I get pictures of my alter-ego, Tom Lewis the sailor/singer guy.

Look on his website, 'tis pure genious, the lyrics to some of the songs are great too :P

Me and another friend called Tom are off to go see him perform at a local theatre this year when he's touring :P

Tom Lewis.com


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