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The Future Of Freeridetrials Club


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Righto as many of you will know we here in north wales have run 2 great indoor events however the last one didn't seem to appeal to as many of you as we had hoped so to make sure we get it right next time we'd like to know what you guys want at an event?

The next event is to be held on the 18th and 19th of june, entry will be in advance or at a higher price on the day and membership is available at the same time (or before) entering so you can get nice members only entry prices :D

The format of the next event is up to you, it will be held on a nice grassy field with man made sections but we have yet to decide if its going to be abike battle style event or a comp. If we opt for the comp then we will try to get a few sections built man made and a few sections in the near by woods so that there is a nice mix.

Any ideas or comments you have (constructive ones only) are welcome, we want to put on the best events possible but are not mind readers so we need you guys to come foward and tell us how to improve events.

For those interested in club membership it costs £15 and runs from end april to end april so buy now for membership until 30th april 2006! By becoming a member you will help us to invest money in better future events, get discounted entry to comps and events, free entry to club nights (wensday evenings through may) and will get special priced howies club t-shirts just as soon as we've got the order in and had them printed up. You will also be invited to some of the section building days and general club nights.

PM me for any further information or put a message up here if you think its a question someone else will want answering :D

Oh yes and well done to the winners of the last event:

1st - Tim Stedman - Pashley

2nd - Alistair Clarkson - Global bikes?

3rd - Danny Smith - Onza

1st club member - Matt Everett

Complete results will be added when i find the piece of paper

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9th & 10th of July sounds great. I think if you hold the event in a field as you said, then you should proabably run "comp" stylee with sections? Man made section would be fun!! When are you thinking of holding the next indoor trial Tom? or just even a "ride" not actually a comp.


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Right which weekend people:

2nd/3rd july - clash with national round in devon on the sunday


16th/17th july - clash with 2 other comps on the sunday

Next indoor event will probably not be until the weather craps out again for next winter but don't worry you lovely lot on TF will be the first to hear about it :unsure:

also for club members only - club night meeting april 19th (tuesday) 7pm ride, 8pm meeting - old jonh bright sports hall

and indoor club nights for the next 4 weeks, wensday evening 6-9pm old JB sports hall.

free entry to club members, non members will be charged £2 for the wensday night sessions (3hours!)

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right seeing as no one has comented on which weekend they would prefer we have decided to run the next event on the 30th/31st july provided we can agree access to the land for that weekend.

entry forms for the comp will be out as soon as we have secured the land for the weekend and hopefully there will also be camping at the same location (N)

see you in july


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i looked at the calendar and saw the world round, i didn't wana clash but i'm guessing i wasn't paying attention and i guess the world round is not in the UK?

right this is the last time i'm chaning the date! now going to run the weekend 30/31st july.

thats bloody ages away (Y) gives us time to organise an amazing comp/event (N)

please note this event although based around a comp will be a great oppourtunity for riders to come along and see how a comp runs and also get chance to ride.

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I dont think the last comp/indoor session was as successful as hope due to the dates, not that it didnt appeal too people.

it prob appealled to alot of people but with koxx days before, jibjam on the same weekend and bike show weekend after, people were saving or already broke.

choosing the right dates is one of most important things as you must have realised after changing dates for next one several times.

i think it would be better if you spent afew days/weeks planning the dates more, and letting everyone know what the dates are when you have it finalised with the landowner..

lets us know know times, dates and the plan all at once so people can plan for it. can people camp on the trial? if not everyone needs to organise campsites etc. just telling everyone these details when finalised will make everything easier all round.

will it be afew day type thing or just a sunday? etc...

just an idea (N)


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Tom, can you tell us what level of insurance competitors have at your events?


i have full council insurance which coevers us to the ends of the earth and back (N)

the next event will be a two day (sat/sun) with an optional street ride on the monday. if we can't camp at the venue we will sort out a near by camp site. full details to follow asap but there is plenty of advanced notice of this event so people can plan fot it (Y)

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Tom, do you mean the organisers or the competitors?


Humm you make a good point I know they had disclamers but they only cover riders against other riders not against the organisers.

Anyway as for date setting I what until all the national dates come through and then get mine in as quick as possible but to be honist in a few years time it's not going to be that big a deal doubling up with other clubs as there seems to be so many now :o

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as phil has said the council insurance covers all riders who sign in and pay either day membership or are annual members. any riders who don't pay up and sign in are not insured. by the time of the next event we may have our own insurance but again this will cover both organisers and participants.

basically if everyone follows the guidelines we set down then eveyone is insured, if anyone tries bending the rules or skipping the entry fee's then they will be covered by nothing except my wrath when i catch them :)

we are currently looking into 3 different venues for the event, one which would have a nice mix of natural and man made, one which would be purely natural and the last we've yet to see and decide on. things are looking good for the next event, probable format will be comp on the saturday and open riding (within a marked area) on the sunday but we'll have to see how many people we get entering :o

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things are looking good for the next event, probable format will be comp on the saturday and open riding (within a marked area) on the sunday but we'll have to see how many people we get entering  :o

Is this for the event in July?

I think you will get more people to a trial rather than a Bikebattle style comp.

How many routes are you going to do?

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we're going to do 4/5 routes, not sure if we'll do begginer and novice or combine the two but the other catgories will all be there (intermediate, expert and elite).

if we can get the comp done on the first day and have a chilled riding session with poss bike battle on day 2 then anyone who doesn't want to compete but wants to come along will still get to ride and anyone who doesn't like bike battle formats can do the normal comp :o

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I have a suggestion to put to all club riders and memebers to help the club run properly with fair distribution of the work and hopefully to iron out the problems we've had of late. so this is open to discution for anyone who wants to help out with the club, if you don't want to help run the club then please post somewhere else:

i feel the only way to make the club run properly is to split up all of the jobs that need doing and share them out between the riders, this way everyone knows their job and thats all they have to do, the jobs that i think need covering are:

comp organiser

demo organiser

liasing with council and sponsors

design of sections + demo rigs etc


organising and running regular meetings

demo riders (x2)

media coverage

health and safety

grant sourcing and applying

web site design and maintainance

thats all that comes to mind at the moment and i have a pretty good idea of who would suit each job best but i'd rather hear your views first, yes it would be nice to not have to do this on a public forum but until we have a web site or a good communication network in place here is probably the best place.


(sorry for the bad spelling, no matter how many times i re read it i dont seem to be able to spell right today)

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i dont mind helping alot more, recently i havent been keeping up to date with everything thats going on, but i would like to help in the near future :)

not sure which job i'll do best thou :blink:

and why only 2 demo riders? seems odd?


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