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Merged A-level results thread!

Prawny Baby

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8:43-results morning-eating breakfast, strangely ive not been nervous at all until now....

despite the fact that im sure ill get in to uni.... theres always that strong hint of last minute doubt....


did you pass? did you fail? and has everyone eneded up where tehy wanted to be?

who knows

75minutes to results....

good luck people!

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To be honest I have no desire to go and get my results. Mostly because I don't care what I get. I know I should and it's very important for University (or is it anymore?) but I just don't seem to care.

I agree

Id rather be a better person, than have a better piece of paper

Anyway I got

E/E for business

D/E for maths

A/A/C for DT

B/B/C German

I have multiples like that because we take multipl papers per subject and they dont give an overall mark for the subject

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Well my sister got the three A's she wanted, and a merit in Latin extension! :o

A bit much for me to live up to in a few years time methinks! :lol: :) :huh: :unsure:

She's going to Bristol uni so that's all good for me, good riding there. :(

Good luck again everyone, Max.

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Just got back


Graphics- C

Photography- C

Media- C


Needed all E's or above so thats ideal, dont give two flying f***s about IT cus I hated it and just did it cus i needed to do a subject, plus aint doin it next year :)


Rob :( :unsure:

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B - English Lit

C - 'Fine' Art


I don't deserve them at all really, i didn't even try, where as some peeps put in tons of effort and still didn't get what they wanted.

I ain't even using them for Uni either, so bit pointless.

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My sister was dissaponted. She was predicted BBB she got

Ethics and Moral Philosophy, D

Biology, E

Sports Studies, E

But Plymouth, her first choice uni for a course in Physiotherapy haven't rejected her or accepted her yet, unlike her second choice Coventry. So she will receive a phone call before 8pm saying 'Yay' or 'Nay'. I really hope she gets in, she's probably one of the most commited people I have met. And I don't even like her. :(

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For my pointless AS exams I got

A English Lit

B German

B French

B Critical Thinking

B Drama and Theatre

I'm a bit pissed off with the French and German grades 'cos I know I'm capable of As just buggered up the oral exams, and I'm dropping English, which is my only A *d'oh*


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Got in AS

A, B, C , D

but i am retaking the D, and getting a remark on the C.

I know remarking is abit pointless, but i was one mark off a B, so i want to try and get just that one mark as then i will get the B, but if i lose marks it doesnt really matter..thought give it a try anyways.


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