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Little Britain


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Oh gay, I can't make polls anymore :(

Anyjew I've just watched the little Britain series 1&2 boxset which was a gift from my cousin at christmas. It's probably the first time I've ever watched a full episode. The first one was pretty funny, well the first 5 minutes of it anyway. After that it was just SHIT, it's the same jokes over and over again. It's absolutle wank! Why is it so popular?? I don't understand it... What do you think of it? Funny or not..

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Its become too repeative and thus boring seeing as you know whats going to happen next.

The only sketc that made me laugh in the new serious was the weak bladder.

Id rater watch the Young Ones, Bottom, Red Dwarf, anything thats got random violence and swearing in.


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They've run out of jokes.

And anyways, why would you be wasting time watching that when you could be watching The Mighty Boosh?!

Vince... :bow:

Dam straight, the mighty boosh is painfully funny, i literally cant watch a full episode without having to pause it to catch my breath. PURE GENIUS! :D

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Little britian is funny when compared to katherane Tate.Holy shit i hate that f***ing women.

But i do see what you mean Will same stuff over and over it eventually wears off.

If any one was lucky enuf to see the bo selecta christmas special that was ace. Maryli manson on that boat hahaha :lol:

please say it wasnt just me

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When it first came on i loved it, as i never heard on radio 4 and i have always been a fan of matt lucas. (altho i always did think he was called george daws :$ )

I do watch it of nothing else is on and some bits are funny. The 'i am a ladieee' sketch is absolute shite as is the'yeh i know'

Altho i do like mr man i think that is always good and fat fighters is not too bad. But most of it is bollocks now. Matt lucas and matthew wolliams (or what ever his name is) need to do something else now and leave little briton. If they do another series it will ruin them!

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