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Czar Ivan

Egg Fried Rice

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my friend is looking to buy a new frame for crimbo and is interested in the czar ivan.

could i please have some helpful info from people that know more about this frame than me.

i would like to know whther is there good? are they strong? worth 300? how does it ride etc etc all those questions really :D

thanks very much


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You can answer your own question by looking at the specs. The main difference is the bb rise. And the Czar has alot of it. I found it rides better than a mod. I've only sessioned it for half hour at most. And i've never rode the Zenith.

CZAR short.

Wheelbase: 1070mm

Chainstay Length: 375mm

BB Rise: 60mm

Head Angle: 71.5 degrees

Centre of BB shell to top centre of head tube: 650mm (25.5")

Weight: 2.171kg/4.79lbs


Weight: 2.2kg

Wheelbase: 1070mm

Chainstay Length: 375mm

BB Rise: 25mm (dependant on fork)

Head Angle: 72 degrees

I just copied and pasted those :P

Clearly see that the Czar is a high bb rise bike. And the Zenith is a little more both wheels orientated.

Chris King headsets are nothing special i find but it's still a expensive product free which you could sell.

Now i know the Czar has alots of topics about it so use search and see what you think.

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A friend of mine has just got a czar and it rides really nice the bb takes a lil bit to get used to but its really light and stupidly flicky if i could get any stock i would have that or the vinco just as i love bb rise lovly bike i would recomend it for feel and he seems to be very happy with it but then again i havent riden the zona so i could say wich is better but i do really like the czar.

hope this helps Jack (Y)

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don't get a zenith, go for quality, get the czar.

It makes me laugh so much every time i read a message like that. Don't people realise that 90% of trials frames on the market come out of the same 2/3 factories.

I mean what would you buy.

Koxx Levelboss - £200

Koxx Levelboss - £400

Obviously the more expensive one is better quality right?

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It's nothing to be proud of, it's for the same reasons as how pete wright's topics allways have loads of post's....

Lol chill out, deary me, Zenith seems to be getting popular now, with the free headset 'n' nice geo.

........******Shame there bad quality******........


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Zenith for the win!!! :P

I'm only saying this because I think that for a frame to have a bb height of +60mm... is a tad extreme :blink: But if you want a high bb the Czar is the one for you... I would say the Zenith is just right with the bb height though (Y) All in all the frames look identical and only major geo change is the bb height!... the choice is yours young sir! ;)

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