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Brake Pads

zonaboy dan

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Used Viz Yellow's, Were amazing in the dry, with light grind, had good lock, amazing sound as soon as it rained its like i had no brake pads :P

Monty Pads, Had them for a while were ok with light grind, but had to use tar if i wanted a decent lock

at the moment im using Koxx Brown's, and i cant get enough of them, no noise (which i like) great lock and perfect hold, im running them with a light grind

am gonna try rock pads and maybe some heatsink and coust pads soon,

a friend use's Onza Citrus Pads, and he rates them highly

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a friend use's Onza Citrus Pads, and he rates them highly

Citruses are prety good but they wear down waay to fast for my (stingy) liking also lol at "joy" pads hehe. I'm currently running Zoo!s and i'm mucho happy with them :) hehe. if your not getting much power from your brake do you have a booster? or do you need a(new?) grind or re-bleed?

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i loved my zoo! pads (fluecent green ones ) shame they were poo in the wet .i now ride citrus's and they are really good for the price , defiantly worth a look (Y) were can you these ali c's joy pads?i mite try them if someone tells me where to get them please .steve

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