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Damon Watson Video 4

Damon W

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that was a really nice video! better camera angles than in your other vids, the music made the video a whole lot more relaxed and easier to watch and also the editting went really nicely too. In my opinion, even though it wasnt as long as i had hoped it was a brilliant watch. Some of the stuff such as the front to back from the wall to the fence and the static hook on that bridge were un-real :) some of the best stuff i have seen on a bike. Well done. (Y)

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Awesome vid, Damon. The chilled out music made a nice change to the heavier side of things. You edited it together really well, too. And, as always, the riding was insane; that static to back on the rail, on the bridge at the docks, was mint. And, how big was that drop, that was huuuge :blink: .



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