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New Iolobikes.com Look / Update


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Nice, liking the simplicity and general design.

Just a few suggestions.

First off, don't do "text-indent:x px;" on your paragraphs, or if your heart is set on using it, make the indent smaller. Personally, i'd remove the text-indent and justify align the text.

I have however just noticed you are using <pre> instead of <p>, which i hope is a limitation on the CMS software you are using, as thats bad, real bad. It does however mean you remove the indent in the text editor you use if you decide to remove it.

Secondly, i think your site is to wide for what it is.

Look at the homepage, there is a massive 160px gap to the right, which sometimes goes to over 200px. This is a massive waste of space, and is really noticeable.

Personally, i'd trim the width to just after the last link in the navigation. You may argue that there will then be more white space at left and right, but it isn't where it shouldn't be, and if needs be, you can fill that with a background colour, and set the div#wrapper to background colour of white. Simple yet hugely effective.

Anyway, thats my thoughts, nice site though.

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Rape yellow :D

i saw that too :)

Looks very good, and its so easy to follow (Y) nothing too fancy, very informative but not too basic. Very good in my opinion :)

One question though, theres a blue frame I think with the BB threading tool in it, what colour is that? :S

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One question though, theres a blue frame I think with the BB threading tool in it, what colour is that? :S

i think i could be capri blue.........

site is looking well good aran, better than the old one, its alot clearer and more informative. nice one (Y)

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After having a look, Aran, i think it's a huge improvement to the previous site (Y) . It is really well layed out, easy to navigate around and very user friendly, which is what you want for a business website. Some really nice picture's too man. I'm guessing Mike took those ones at Brimham?



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Price rise maybe due to the increasing price of steel?

A £100 a frame price hike is pretty substantial, especially as most frames are coming down to below £300 now. (And yes i do realise that these frames aren't steel and handmade). Saying that i still really like the Iolo frames (Y)

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glad you all like ! :)

sry nick i could contact you, and i got impatient and had a go myself,

and the product is pretty good.

thanks VERY much anyhoo x

price change is due to the quality increase,

EVERY weld on the frames is now SUPER smooth...

i have expanded on equipment ect..

i know £100 is quite alot..

but the frames are easyily worth it, and no where else will go as custom as me.

but yes deng frames are getting cheaper.

but i have given up competing with that range of price,

because people will realise the products are completly different.

i still undercut the similar and not quite so custom companys nicely :-

cheers peeps


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i think the reasons for the price hike are justifyable and most of all honest so in no way am i challenging the reasons. unfortunately though i feel the price hike to £300+ is going to loose some riders interest, i was dead set on getting a iolo once i'd got geo sorted (which has now been going on for about 6 months) but the hike to £300+ has made me have to stop and re consider. the frame will definately still be worth the money and i know i wont get as good a bike for the money however i also know i can't justify spending over £300 on my next frame.

hopefully i am a rarity and the majority of riders will be able to justify the extra £90 because the frames are excellent and the value for money is spot on.

best of luck and my envy goes out to anyone who does get a iolo

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