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The One Ultimate Move


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whenever i think of the one move or link of moves id love to be able to do it has always made me think of so many....but i think i have just thought of the one...

id love to be able to bunnyhop to manual onto a big long wall, manual along it and at the end still in a manual a 360 spin off with a crank flip in mid air.

other moves id love to be able to nail are such things as...

sidehop onto a gate (like tunnicliffe)

in the newcastle ride where macaskill does that endo/stoppy backwards down the that sloped wall thing lol.....(hard to explain...prob has a name.)

manual a handrail like akrigg has done i believe.

among alot of other things

but i was just wondering what your ultimate move/link of moves would be (KEEP IT REALISITIC!)

everyone needs something to work for cos that way they will push themselves that little more to achieve their goals in my opinion...and more likely to improve faster.

if i ever pull off this move ill be sure to film it and post it, ill then inform you of my next dream move :)


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i think mirra does a flip drop-in in that secret warehouse video - I'm thinking it won't be too long before people start getting them off small ledgess

there is a video in the little wheels thread, can't remember which one (it wasn't a proper dvd though) and this guy in New York does manual onto a ledge and then tries on frontflip into this concrete bank. Plus Cramer has tried frontflips off fun boxes.

its just looking at the acutally physics between a front and backflips , fronts just seem way more likely.

bunnyhop 360 whips on flat will be done soon...

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some good moves been thrown around here....bunny hop to front flip?!!! id love to see that one, be unreal.

and i didnt realise i was validated no..... i dont understand why it happened so fast lol, only became a member last wednesday, some people are pre members for like months. maybe because i have bought something off a member.......my beast of a leeson fluid 609, which incidentally i have just received a text from my bro sayin it arrived an hour ago!! so getting home from here i cannot wait! ( i know you dont care too much probs but i do! lol)

nicely done boys keep posting about the sickest moves and hopefully we can see a few on videos one day!

hopefully with my new steed my dream move will sooner become a reality! fingers crossed!


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