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Built this up about a fortnight ago, not too sure if i like it or not...


quick spec

06 urban forks

avid juicy disc

04 hs33 with braided hose and koxx red pads

echo 07 rims

chris king classic rear/hope xc front hubs

middleburn superpro cranks

rohlhoff rear tensioner

zoo bar/stem

can anyone recommend some changes eg stems to make it feel a bit more lively?

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Ali C - thanks for the tip on removing the tensioner pin-my chain had been skipping and this has sorted it+looks loads nicer (Y)

Im not too sure about the cost as it was built in stages but I think I spent around £1000 so far.

It actually feels quite long to ride, its good fun for street stuff and seems to cope with natural well but I do think the front needs to be higher as it is hurting my back slightly.

thanks for your comments

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Personally I'd put a very slight grind on the back rim ;) koxx reds become out of this world with a very slight grind.... and maybe go up to a 185mm rotor on the front, but thats just how i like a bike :P looks wise it is the nicest ashton I've ever seen :D

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what handlebars would you recommend? Ive tried flats, zoos, monty risers and none seem comfortable :(

zoos are really nice on a stock. montys would be great but seem alittle narrow for stock. however just get a higher stem. i built my ashton tonite and its fricking amazing with that stem. stick with the ashton they ride so well and you ll get a lot out of it

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I' m ridin a Monkey Rizer handlebar very flicky for some streeti aktionz!

Does anybody of you ashton riders use a brake booster?? just tried

to put my rb booster on and got some problems ....i'll see if it works now....

p.s: your bike is my desktopwallpaper! (Y)

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