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Curb Compettion Videos!


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- All curbs must be under 10 inches

- Video must be LESS than 2 minutes (1 song only)

- Only 4 or less participant per entry

- Use of minimal external influences..E.g..Brick to gap to off the curb....Dont session it in the video,Have only like 3 clip's of you gapping to it.

- All videos must be sent in by 15th of March and hosted on youtube or tf.

- Use 2 or less bikes,So if your going to use two bikes,Then get half-footage with one bike and half with the other.

Vids in by 15th of MARCH!

P.s Rule's may keep changing!

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What counts as a curb?

In my driveway we have these breeze blocks used as curbing, sort of 10inches high 6 inches wide...bigger than your usual curb..

Use them (Y) But when I last crashed at your home there was some what were a bit big...Best bet is to go to your local industrial estate...Curb's everywere and it's empty as hell on sunday's. :)

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Sounds sweet, wouldn't mind some links to videos from the last one? :rolleyes:

Seeing as I couldn't make a Poll in Trials Videos thread, I made the Poll here.

(With thanks to Scunnytrials)


So anyway, let the voting begin.

Prize: King Sized Mars Bar

Voting ends 10th April



Dan6061 - 'Curb Video Mk II' - Red Hot Chili Peppers - I Like Dirt

Davetrials - 'Davetrials_curb_video' - Song Unknown

Derf - 'Intergallactic_Curb' - Song Unknown

Leedstrials - 'Mikejudson-curbcrawler2' Song Unknown

Oakley - 'curb' - Song Unknown - is werid though...

SamHolmes - 'G-Unit' - I Monster - Daydream In Blue

Scunnytrials - 'Curbshizzle 2' - Oasis - Married With Children

T-MAGura - 'Alan Curb movie' - Greenday - Summer of 69

Todge - 'FBV4 kerb 1' - Paul Wellar feat. Portishead - Wild Wood - You'll need VLC Player to watch it...maybe...

Wally - 'Wally curb vid' Song Unknown

Will Arnold - 'me and wing curb' Song Unknown


Post up a reason why you voted for that person. (Y)

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If I had a bike and a curb without snow I'd might enter...

Same here, I won't be seeing raw concrete for a while and my bike is not in order to ride as of now, thought I could het it "running" in a few hours and post a vid that would mostly consist of bails because of sliding on the snow :P

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how about everyone who enters has to send the winner a choc bar of thier choice ;) should encourage competition a bit more (Y) can the curbs be "modified" at all? or use anything on the pavement nearby> what about the curb itself (ie if it's got a fun shape etc)

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