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Who Is Going To Koxx Camp/koxx Days 07?

joe b

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Come on then, guys. 31 days/1 month to go until days on end without showers, shitty french food, the best riding in the world, the best rocks you'll ever ride all in one place and all the riders you will ever meet all in one place A.K.A Koxx Days '07 :D:D:D .

So, who is going this year? How are you getting there? How much you taking with you? Etc, etc...



P.S. - One month to go...

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Me and Will Arnold (Y)

EDIT: We're going there for the week too but not going to the camp, we're just riding what we see when we get there. We're gna go to koxx days though cant wait for that :o

Looks like ill be taking about £300-£400 lol depends on if i want a new headunit for my skoda ;) ahaha We're getting the ferry too, forgot about that.

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First person to do this to one of the Monsterboy test bikes wins a pair of grips...



Another year passes, and it's another year that I wish I'd got my shit together to go to Koxx days...

wow that frame is LOVING rear disk !

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Wooooooot, ive got me some finacial aids sorted so im GOOD TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


i plan on getting truley f**kED the 1st nite.


really looking forward to this now. Hopefully my car wont break down on the way there lol :P

Anyone going on the ferry?

We're going on the Chunnel. This is pretty much all the Yorkshire massive and me - i'm left out with the accents and shit :P ...

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