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    • The Car Thread
      I did some car stuff yesterday.  I gave it a quick look over and rectified a small oil leak, happy.  I changed my gearbox oil for some fresh Honda MTF, super slick.  Raised the front end ride height 15mm, fully driveable, including sleeping policemen.  Bought a complete Energy Suspension polybush kit. Fitted the gear linkage bushes and it feels way better than before, really solid and no play. Got the front lower arm rear bushes done at the same time as I don't have to fully remove the arms to do so, just required the ARB brackets removing so I could bar them down the appropriate amount.  Tonight will see the lower front shock bushes fitted, front arm front bushes and front upper arm bushes replaced. The rear trailing arms are the ones I'm looking forward to least.  Also met up with my mate who's just got himself back in a Civic, some really cool bits on it. Can't wait to get it painted as the mis match is doing my nut in!  Also got hold of some VTi clocks that are now in. Had been dying to rid myself of the 1.4 clocks.  Next month should see Meister Rs fitted, 4 point alignment and paint. Fingers crossed. 
    • EU Referendum
      Sometime the week or weekend before the vote me & two of my mates were having a general craic. The subject came up and I summised that although i wasn't that bothered about making the trip down the polling station (I did though), on the face of it I couldn't see one reason - good/bad/indifferent - to vote in, and would love to meet someone local who was, to genuinely ask them, why?? (because ultimately your location will sway your view I felt asking someone not from this area, not from this walk of life and not facing the same issues in life would make the answer somewhat irrelevent) I don't mean in angry way or with any tone at all, just ask the question out of utter bemusement. I did a quick straw poll with said friends and they said they couldn't (& nor could I) think of one person they knew that was voting in, which left leave, or those just not bothering, which in any other vote is where I have always set up shop. I reckon we were pretty on the money. And If the hulking great vacuous juggernaut that the EU has become implodes as I feel it could/will, we want to be a spectator going "Haah shoulda bailed people", not one of the ones mixed up in the shitstorm, surely??
    • EU Referendum
      One of the Remain camp on question time earlier pretty much nailed it: So there's one reason. "How does the EU directly benefit you?" - it may be easy for us to answer (I'm guessing most people here are fairly well off by the very fact we, or our parents, can afford to buy an expensive, highly specialised piece of sporting equipment), but ask the same question to the 23% of the population who live in relative poverty. Or try explaining to someone who has to beg a food bank for hand outs "but you can go on holiday without a passport!" and see what response you get. Unfortunately an EU funded train station doesn't really help those people. So I think it's unfair to say everyone who voted leave is an idiot, not all of us are lucky enough to be in our situation. Granted, the situation might not get any better, or it could get a whole lot worse for the poorest of our country. But it might, from their point of view, might get better, if they feel it can't get any worse. That aside, It'll be interesting to see what the markets do in the morning. ( I'm old, aren't I  )
    • More trials coming up...
      We had a really good day at the last national at Olde Home Farm at the beginning of June, everyone really enjoyed the man-made sections provided. The TykeTrial Club have asked us to let you know that they are running a two-day event at that same venue next weekend, 2nd and 3rd July, you don’t have to be a club member to join in. As the Saturday includes a free BBQ they really could do with knowing in advance how many people will be there so, if you’re interested, then check out the entry form for full details from http://www.tyketrial.co.uk/events.html   The 4th round of the British Cup series is being held on Blackpool Moon Rocks on Sunday 24th July. This is the last round for those hoping to qualify for the UCI World Championship so don’t forget that if you hope to be selected for the team, then this is your last chance to qualify!   Besides the official selection stuff, Blackpool is always a fun day, and now with an open age-class for every route colour it’s much easier for everyone to join in at whatever level you want to ride. Just come along and enjoy yourselves! No memberships or licences are needed to put your name down, all you need to do is fill in the on-line entry form and pay the entry fee online and then turn up on the day!   The entry form will be available from www.biketrialuk.co.uk tomorrow night after our final site-visit tomorrow.   Hope everyone can make it, it would be great to have some new riders coming along.