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    • I've uploaded it to YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkh20HAM8K8
    • Didn’t plan on doing anything to the car today as we were out and about sorting other things out. Managed to find 20 mins this afternoon though so decided instead of getting started on anything on the daily, I’dd start pulling a few bits apart on the black car instead. Removed head unit and climate control unit, which will both be moving across to replace the original kit in the grey car which has seen better days. Also removed a few bits of trim, steering wheel and the clocks which are the roughest of the 3 sets I have, so will be ideal for playing with down the line. A few of the chaps on UK-MkIVs are currently experimenting with some cluster mods (ColourMFA type stuff) so once they have it all figured out for me to shamelessly copy I might get involved!  With the car having been sat and getting a little damp, the leather wheel and gear gaiter had started to get a touch furry. Only early stages, but given the car won’t be going anywhere soon it’d only get worse. The gaiter I’m not too concerned about - so a wipe down with a baby wipe has cleared it up fairly well, however I’m not yet ruling out putting the wheel into the new car and as a result wanted it properly cleaned up. Cue a fairly brutal routine (I won’t be winning any awards for leather care on DetailingWorld any time soon…) of carb cleaner, bathroom bleach, boiling water, hot APC solution and another boiling water rinse. Should kill off anything that was planning on taking up residence! I made a point of getting in to all the stitching, joins and pores as best I could with a stiff brush and I’m relatively content with it being as organism-free as it’s likely been in years, so that’ll do for now. Currently drying between a radiator and big static dehumidifier to draw out any moisture from within.  You can see above that the perforated side panels are quite red - this seems to be common with age/wear on these, and a lot of people recolour them with Cherry Blossom shoe polish but IMHO it gives as poor a result on steering wheels as it does on shoes, so I don’t really fancy that. I’d like to have it retrimmed with yellow stitching and band (which, incidentally, looks much better for a clean too!) but that’s waaaaaaay down the priority list so for now this’ll get dried out and put away in the garage for future use/sale. Wasn’t expecting to touch the cars today, so even a few minutes to pull bits off was good. I’d like to get the vehicle speed sensor replaced on the new car soon to stop the incessant beeping round corners, but it seems the one on my old standard box which is in the garage is cracked so not much point moving it across. OM part is about £60 from memory, so if it comes to it I’ll just pop one in rather than an unknown used item but I’d rather not have to drop that cash so will give the wiring a thorough inspection prior to buying one, just in case. I’m also conscious that there still aren’t any real photos of the new car in here. The honest answer is that it’ embarrassingly filthy at present and I’ve not yet given the exterior a proper seeing to. Will see how this week goes and figure something out on that front soon.
    • I had a 2011 echo lite wheel out, brake off,  file across the brake mounts, to flatten off/square them up. Across and diagonally echo washerless clamps work the best, in my experience. Use a fresh thin cutting disk and get the grind reasonable sharp. I used real cousts on an old echo tr rim and the brake was immense. Didn't need a booster. To me it sounds like your grind is losing its sharpness, what rim are you running?
    • I have a hs33 on the back of an echo lite.  Ive been toying around recently with my brake setup and I can’t seem to get it right. I’m running cnc rock blues on a fairly sharp grind with standard magura clamps. I’ve recently fitted a booster as I was getting a good bite but no hold, but now it’s lackluster again!  It seems like every time I get it working well, it’s amazing, but then something always ends up changing and I’m back to square one again. Am I doing something wrong? I’m setting it up to the best of my ability but it never seems to work well, and I normally have to re grind the rim to get it working properly again. any advice would be great!
    • those of you who have listened to the HKT podcast will know he has left inspired to ride full time for santa cruz,  inspired best update there website