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    • The Car Thread
      Went at it with a screwdriver today and it's actually not too bad, i've always known there was going to be some fun and games with the scuttle since I bought it but it's just bubbled up over the past 6 months or so. No holes anywhere visible, though i've no doubt it'll be scabby behind the windscreen. I've just sanded it down and tidied it up for the time being while it sits, but I need to make it look a little better when the weather's nicer for when i'm cruising the strip picking up gash. Paint people (paging @Tom Booth) - how best can I sort this out with rattle cans? Specifically how should I go about blowing it into the area around it, especially when it comes to lacquer? Or should I just find someone backstreet who can do it for a few quid and save myself the trouble? I'm trying to keep it dirt cheap, just need it looking passable and stave off any more rust until the end of the year.  
    • Keto diet anyone?
      @JT!  How long are you expecting to try this out for? Im soon going to be trying this sort of diet. The last bit about stuffing your face, i think that may be something that happens when switching metabolic patterns from carbs to fat. This is when you are entering ketosis. Remember you re-feed on those carbs once or twice per week to keep yourself satisfied and a high metabolism.  If i was aiming to loose a few pounds to not be 'overweight' id just hit the keto diet hard for 2 or 3 months and then just eat a balanced diet of fats, carbs and protein. On paper keto diets and others are all good but if you dont participate in any sort of activity where it gains an advantage a balanced diet is best. Diets like the keto may allow some form of 'binge' but sods law it will never fit in line with your social life. Also just for motivation dont look at the numbers too often and defiantly dont expect to see X amount of lbs drop. Use the mirror people dont see a list of figures they see a physique, as long as you look okay and feel okay thats all that matters. People get too into numbers, graphs etc as shown in this thread, they're good for tracking but they can also massively bring you down killing motivation. Dont worry about the carbs either eat within moderation they wont make you fat, sugar will make you fat.
    • The Car Thread
      Ive still got some left somewhere.  I will give them another go sometime.
    • The Car Thread
      Danny I bought the same connectors and found them to be absolutely fine, I went for the cheapest I could find too! I just used a small flat screwdriver to press the pins in, they make a little click and they are then seated nicely.
    • The Car Thread
      Thanks dude.  They look surprisingly like these: http://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/superseal-1-5-series-waterproof-connectors.html I tried some of those but for the life in me couldn't get the pins to seat in the plugs properly.  I bought them on ebay though so they could have been shit knock off's. The VAG one's seem reasonably priced. Is there a good site to buy genuine VAG stuff online? Edit: Success: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/RO87-world?_trksid=p2047675.l2563