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    • The Car Thread
      By Rowlly21 · Posted
      Thanks for that JD I shall let him know. Thats interesting about cleanyourcar.co.uk, are you saying that if the products where on that site you would be way more inclined to purchase them ?   Its an abesolute minefield as you know and a lot of it is down to opinion which is what makes selling your own brand products so difficult to start with. The website defiantly needs work though ! 
    • Jamie Moxon - Skids and Wheelies x
      By Bersha91 · Posted
      YES! I liked it
    • The Car Thread
      By greg1040 · Posted
      sam youve boosted your ek havent you? Howz the drivability of it with the turbo? Im possibly considering boosting my k20 i have emailed tdi north with engine spec to see sort of power my engine would quite happily take not looking for anything massive i recon 350 at the fly tops if it will take it. I see they have a turbo kit cost around £5k fully fitted and tuned but my engine will never take that and in front wheel drive i couldnt see it doing much other than spinning.   Just ordered up a nice new flocked dash board for the teg i really need to get the heating back in past few days with the rain aint been fun to drive with the windows steaming up. I seem to have got a new knocking sound also which needs investigated.   Sourced a leak on the inside and got some filler in the hole going to give the rear bootwell a paint get it looking nice again now that no water should be getting in.   Hopefully good weather this weekend so i can spend a day on the car but wont get my hopes up with how dire its been since monday.    
    • New Hashtagg
      By LEON · Posted
      ... If that really was a console it'd be a Megadrive, maybe a Snes at best.
    • Jamie Moxon - Skids and Wheelies x
      By Paperclip · Posted
      That was everything I needed in my life today. Nice one Jamie, please please get back out on the bike!