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  1. It's a floating linkage that acts when the shock linkage moves meaning that the cranks stay in the same (relative) place, which in turn means the chain doesn't have any funky tight/loose situations no matter where the shock is in it's stroke, or how much the effective chainstay length changes throughout that stroke. It's really quite a piece of design when you get to see and poke around it in the flesh. Pluuss the entire frame & s/arm is a massive tanky carbon MF, so y'know, that helps too...
  2. My instant reaction when I was told in dismay "Chris Cornell's dead" was "What!!???" The Beeb are reporting that he was found on the bathroom floor after the show last night. So I'm sat here blasting Audioslave's first album as I don't have any Soundgarden to hand on CD.
  3. Worlds at addingham were 2005, "I woz thair" & I do believe I still have the program somewhere. I distinctly remember watching him on the diamondback, going round with Mr. Ashton on the silver frame with red forks, with Chris Akrigg in tow on the 'mongoose' (in reality a painted and stickered up megamo) :looks at MBUK poster of him on the giants causeway hanging on the wall to concour: I also recall the section over the other side of the hill (furthest away from the road) involved a severe 15+ft. drop to flat/scrappy rock and the other ashton team rider (The name of the rider escapes me) had his rear brake slip at the top resulting in him bailing out onto his lower back. The section must have been set out to get rider's to go Fuuuuuuuk that! & take 5's but in 20/20 hindsight it was just dangerous. The rider got up and limped away with help but only after a fairly tense 10mins with the 1st aiders and the spinal board.
  4. You might be right, you may know the 'truth', you may have even accessed the inner circle of the stonecutters' society (old simpsons ref.) but as you keep pointing out we the people don't know. don't care, or are just fine with their world (in their 1st person world at least) the way it is to them. Even if you are the higher power have the good decency to do what the mormons on my doorstep last saturday didn't, and realise that we ain't interested and move on. I also wouldn't waste my blood pressure on insulting someone that I don't know from adam on the internet DAMMIT I got snaked.
  5. I heard a story on the radio news today that there has been a clinical study that involved feeding ket to the severely depressed ...aaand (quelle suprise) it made them a shit ton happier and less depressed. An unreported side affect may have involved preaching to people who have no interest in listening to what you have to say - like when the mormons come knocking and you answer the door in a (slightly giddy) hurry because you were expecting postie to bring you your new shiny.
  6. I'm 90% certain I've got a copy somewhere also if you get stuck - It'll either be on the ancient memory stick I had for college or the IDE HDD in the old family tower - the latter being more difficult to retrieve but not impossible by any means.
  7. {Figuratively speaking} In one hand I have a nice brand new, sealed, non disc, dishless, low flange 32hole front hub I picked up cheap on a wim. Int other hand I have a straight, round and until further notice, redundant 36 hole rim. In my piles of crap I have half a dozen suitable complete sets of spokes, plus a myriad of random odd spokes. I also have a set of 16mm araya nipples Does anyone know of any way, including funky patterns like missing out hub holes, snowflake, 3 spoke crows foot, 5 spoke crows foot etc. that I could mate these odds and end into a useable wheel? I recently did a 36 hole hub into a 24h aero rim & 28h hub into the matching 24h aero rim for my workbike, but they were a piece of piss - for 36 into 24 you just miss hub end spoke holes in the 12, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 o'clock positions, and the front 28 into 24 works out like any other "miss 4" build. Mismatching more rim holes that hub holes is next level though. I thought maybe I could use 28 or even 24 of the hub holes and crack it that way but I haven't got to sitting down with the parts yet though. Suggestions (other than "buy more parts") will fall on open minded ears. Cheers.
  8. I also have a 1st gen, single bolt bar clamp Racing Line body (the later version had a two bolt split clamp). It was fitted xmas 2013 (and been in continuous use) and has not experienced the symptoms you describe. There is a little more play than with a magura 05, but it cant be more than 5mm even with the pivot bolt hanging half way out (using standard mag 05 lever blade). Cheaper V-brake levers (tektro for example) use those little white plastic shims to overcome wobble like you describe, maybe find some of them/make your own and retrofit? EDIT: Re read your post; Do you possibly mean that the pivot bolt hole in the lever blade has elongated?
  9. The same reason I didn't tag any of them in my original post. Because I may not use them if I source bearings from er, other sources, as I ihave always intended to do, I feel that directly messaging a supplier for their info and then not making the final purchase with that supplier is a dick move.
  10. When I say I've had my HS for absolute time, I mean since about early 2012, so you're probably right. @bing I check that out. @BJ. If my part sourcing skills crap out I'll take you up on that offer. Cheers to all of you though.
  11. I've had this headset for absolute time and the lower bearing has been stuffed for a fair while (far far too long infact) and I want both of them changed cos it really is about bloody time I sorted this. Question is, does my Neon Bow HS take 36/45 deg bearings or 45/45deg? ^ Description says Echo forks with the intergrated crown race fit, so I guess I need 45/45deg? Also If tarty lads read this, do you not stock replacements of have I missed them? I guess mabye that the Echo SL bearings fit and that might be the answer? Cheers peeps. Ciaran.
  12. As a side note are you positive the bearings are done? I'd find it very difficult to believe you see, I think you're dropout spacing is over preloading the bearings (had this with my 116mm pro2, in my case the hub bearings span fine, but the driver felt like poop when backpedalled despite all the bearings being fine out of the bike)
  13. Only right hand ones, would be fine for a euro rear brake though i s'pose. You can run them the wrong way up anyhow.
  14. I just tried again but on windows this time and it deffo doesn't work, just hangs then gives a tiny icon but no image.
  15. Extra vagueness achieved! The jpeg link doesn't work...