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  1. When I say I've had my HS for absolute time, I mean since about early 2012, so you're probably right. @bing I check that out. @BJ. If my part sourcing skills crap out I'll take you up on that offer. Cheers to all of you though.
  2. I've had this headset for absolute time and the lower bearing has been stuffed for a fair while (far far too long infact) and I want both of them changed cos it really is about bloody time I sorted this. Question is, does my Neon Bow HS take 36/45 deg bearings or 45/45deg? ^ Description says Echo forks with the intergrated crown race fit, so I guess I need 45/45deg? Also If tarty lads read this, do you not stock replacements of have I missed them? I guess mabye that the Echo SL bearings fit and that might be the answer? Cheers peeps. Ciaran.
  3. As a side note are you positive the bearings are done? I'd find it very difficult to believe you see, I think you're dropout spacing is over preloading the bearings (had this with my 116mm pro2, in my case the hub bearings span fine, but the driver felt like poop when backpedalled despite all the bearings being fine out of the bike)
  4. Only right hand ones, would be fine for a euro rear brake though i s'pose. You can run them the wrong way up anyhow.
  5. I just tried again but on windows this time and it deffo doesn't work, just hangs then gives a tiny icon but no image.
  6. Extra vagueness achieved! The jpeg link doesn't work...
  7. Went past in the work van the other day and caught a glimpse of a large skatepark and BMX track and I've been meaning to look it up ever since. I took note of a nearby private members club thingy and that the zoo wasn't that far away, so I've just been looking it up on g maps. I tracked the place down, stuck on 3D mode and used a screenshot add-on to grab these visualisations. I hope the files are not too large. = Co-ordinates should anyone care are 53.8123105,-3.0227741 (copy and paste back into google). Just after some info on the spot really as I read a story on a local paper website that the wooden ramps were't being maintainted all that well. Anyone ever ridden the place or know anything about it? The BMX track looks like it'd be good fun anyhow.
  8. 1) Yeaah... You ain't gonna find owt like a spec sheet on a website or anything. The mission prodigy was a pseudo trials bike that was thrown together out of a far eastern factory's parts catalogue (all the frame tubes are pre made stock items, as are the hubs, the 14mm dropouts will have been because those hubs and dropouts were cheaper, the forks are suspiciously like 24in forks with the mounts adjusted etc. etc.) Google a Base T19 and you will see a similar bike from the same time period. It was a time period where trials was going to be the next fad and be as big as BMX and loads (of people) knocked out anything to jump on the bandwagon (These days if you order twenty bikes to be made in china you can call yourself a trials bike manufacturer and sell on alibaba - nothing's changed) 2a) 10 - 15 year old taiwan brand crank arms - you're not going to find nor do you want direct replacements. Halfords are shit anyway on the whole, but you did (inadvertently) walk into that one. 2b) In terms of cranks, I'd need to know where the cranks/bottom bracket are square taper or isis splined before I'd answer. Post up the crank arm length too as that'd be helpful. Beyond that I'd like to know what direction you intend to take the build in. Basically if you want to keep the bike fairly standard and to a point where it works fairly quickly, or change a shit load of stuff like I did with mine. 2c) As you may have gathered; No. I found out all the info i've already told you by owning one as a side project and swapping round my spare parts collection/hoard 'til I got a combination that looked right & worked well, combined with spending half my life building and playing with all different types of pedal bike as base knowledge. 3) Tarty's are a sorted bunch, who are used to receiving 'will this fit my onza ___' type questions so don't sweat it. Besides which that's what a forum is for. Post up detailed photos with a well articulated description and you should get an answer. Hope any of that was useful.
  9. Mission prodigy's have a 1.5inch headset (in mine it was an FSA pig, which I believed to be to original, Google/ebay listings corroberate this) They also use mission branded hubs, the rear of which uses a 14mm axle. Thankfully both front and rear are sealed cartridge bearing so they shouldn't be any/much trouble, but changing to a conventional modern trials hub/wheel will require 14 - 10mm dropout adapters. You also realistically can't fit wider than a 42-44mm wide rim (the Alex DX32 is 38mm) and even then you will need tensile offset clamps for magura (which you'll have to pick up 2nd hand as they are discontinued) or heatsink adapters (link) on the widest setting. I was fortunate to have enough of the right spare parts kicking around at the time to work all this out. For reference mine came with mission brand ISIS cranks and a 118mm Truvativ BB (I forget the model but it used that truvativ 8 spline BB tool that tartys sell). A longer axle will do no harm as the stock chainline is sh*te (really tight to the tire) and even a KMC 610HX scrapes the bash mount when using front freewheel. That may not be true using the OE cranks, rear freewheel and 24-18t gearing but as I went FFW straight away I've no comment. Use a trialtech or tensile 4 bolt booster for the rear brake as the frame flexes like a wet paper bag, and the front brake mounts are not much better. That said, 80% of that is the v-brake adapters (like the ones fitted), they're just a sh*t idea and ideally want changing to 4-bolt style adapters. Off the top of my head I think that about covers it. @Tilly05 If you've any more questions feel free to hit quote on this post and ask away.
  10. Do this. I had to file two flats in each side of my because hub's axle (very similar to an echo TR hub) in order for it to fit my element fork's dropouts. That was getting on for 5 years ago. You may wish to carefully file away the paint from inside the dropouts of your element forks, but stop filing when you see metal.
  11. @aener I can't see a song credit anywhere so what is the song and artist please?
  12. I don't understand but thanks anyways, I can tidy up my fs now and have more than 3hrs to spot my godawful typkng ib evetyrhing else
  13. I second this. @Danny Have you forgotten about this or is there nothing you can do?
  14. I maybe wasn't coherent enough. IMO; How-to vids from trashzen, thinkbikes etc. and no doubt the ones Ali C says he will do in time = Good n solid That MTB youtube channel with a guy that has been riding 5mins & is barely capable of handling that mint coloured inspired full build yet he has decided he is an accomplished enough trial rider that he can instruct others how to ride (as badly as he does, preaching all his mistakes, bad habits and traits as gospel) = bad
  15. I recognise that terminology, because it's a term no one else uses. if you got that from that somethingsomething bike hacks guy on youtube, hack is a good summary of that guy. Ignore him. Ignore everything he shows you and go figure it out yourself, you'll do it faster, & you'll do stuff better in the end. I've watched that series and he has no place teaching others "how to ride trials" if he cant ride for shit himself. I don't bash on other people often but honestly most of the stuff he 'teaches', is showing a large section of people how to do trials wrong. I had to stop watching after about ep.4 or 5 because all it was doing was winding me up. @Ali C If you have seen the guy I'm on about, he is the reason you need to start doing how to's, because you'll do a proper job of it.