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  1. With new bars and stem thanks to the Tarty boys.
  2. Thanks. I didn't want to change the setup too much as this is what I was used to riding for so long. And also I've been out of riding so long that I'm not up to speed on what everyone rides these days! I wouldn't mind tweaking it in future though, perhaps trying out a different bar/stem combo. What's this newfangled singlespeed idea though?
  3. Decided to get my Planet X Zebdi back up and running again. I've thrown on a few new parts (favourite addition being a set of Fatty R's purchased on ebay) but most of it is from circa 2003 when the bike was built. Better get out and ride it now!
  4. They were the days, back in 1999 Tenbytrials introduced me to what would later become trials-forum.
  5. is Adam Read really the honey monster?

    1. ben_travis


      yes...but he does like a pie or two as well apparantly!!!

  6. I bet the 'suprise sex' was worth it
  7. woah... woah.. woah. Steady Eddie! "not strictly a guitar....."
  8. Not strictly a guitar... but string related none the less and rather fetching I'm sure you'll agree.
  9. A bit late but Top marks for crowbarring in a relatively obscure Partridge quote into a theological debate (well not quite a debate) That video is spectacularly extreme, I'm suprised Louis Theroux hasn't made a (top notch) documentary out of it. Anyway, no matter what opinion you hold either side of the great debate it's simply impossible to prove anything either way, so it seems best to call it all a draw. (God doesn't exist) .... or does he?
  10. Shark attack 3 : MEGALADON! Giant Shark v Mega Octopus Snakes on a Train all modern classics
  11. You may be in bed with him but If you've yet to googlewhack his schlong then I'm willing to bet that if its what you want to hear, he will tell it to you. So don't read too much into his comments
  12. I'm pretty sure that was the workings of vicious internet rumours. In other comical Frosties-kid-e-rumours he had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and his last dying wish was to appear in a Frosties advert
  13. Ding Ding Ding! Maximum points. They're gonna taste great! Sorry Joe!
  14. "They're gonna taste great! they're gonna taste great!" ..... No photos necessary. Anyone?
  15. JPT

    From the album Random