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  1. That's good, you will get better times using F2L OLL and PLL I got 24.28 today
  2. I like London. A big group needs a big city
  3. I'm in
  4. that's different each time when you start, and all the way. you have to apply different algorithms depending of the cases you are in every point of the solve. Sometimes it is harder and sometimes (as happened to me) you skip some part. It is a matter of memory and a lot of practice and to keep learning more algorithms and tips to get faster. World record is around 4 seconds.
  5. Today I got my first sub30 
  6. Thanks that was a great trip
  7. Loved it!
  8. Today a group were at Manchester, i really wanted to say you something but you told me last summer that you don't want to ride with me so i thought It was better don't to tell you nothing. Maybe i should have tried... Nice video!
  9. i had a good ride today with Luke around Leeds
  10. Hey, i'm going to leeds in exactly 10 days, we can get a ride if you fancy
  11. Hahahaha
  12. Hey, i had to use Google to understand what "curb" means and It says this: subir imagenes Is it ok? Can we use different curbs from different spots? Or the full video has to be filmed in the same spot?
  13. Today was a good day, cold weather's gone and i got this line for the first time