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  1. Go and get it done then! Show us all how your essential two foot whatever knowledge you think that was that you said comes together! LMAO!!!!
  2. i dont have a youtube acount these days
  3. Little outing in derby with mr Andrew chai other night. Wanted it to try out the new go pro to figure out which settings are best on it and to use up clips of me failing as a video and a sight into what will be happening in the new main video! Keep posted!
  4. Not sure on height
  5. Bump
  6. I'm going to be adding regular videos of myself to this page! So keep checking back in for more riding! go on to my Facebook for better HD quality version! sorry didnt get much done was moved on by the police and and started getting dark. MATLOCK ATTEMPT 2017 tease Michael Beck-Collins Mike Beck.
  7. yesterdays quick sheffield sneez with myself ben lazenby and ross clayton
  8. Ha thanks man yea them clips without the beard on the mod bike are two and half years ago ! When I could not grow one!! Ha
  9. Few clips made up from past two years worth of riding before I concentrate with the new video all on the new crewkerz bike! So look forward to that as it has some promising things being filmed and put together by someone far more professional in the media side of things! Some scary things await! please enjoy.
  10. Some clips of RADFEST 2016
  11. )))))) errrrbody cares