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  1. Do they come with installation instructions and does it require a re-bleed?
  2. As the topic states. Can't get a clear answer off Magura.
  3. Changing my stock Magura mt trial pads to Jitsie's made a huge difference for me. Went from being good to VERY good. Since then, I've upped my rotors from 180 to 203. Crazy bite and power now.
  4. Nice man! How did you get the chain perfectly tight with no tensioner? I'm just about to change my rear hub to a hope pro 4 trials. Quite want to ditch my tensioner if possible.
  5. Awesome man. When you do guys ride Southampton and where? I'm about an hour 20 mins away but up for coming to ride for a day. Msg me.
  6. I've got some Jistie Airtime 2 gloves. Very thin and lovely to use and keep the wind chill off.
  7. Trial tech foams didn't cut it either. Been on the ODI vans lock grips for 4 days now and it's been lovely. No hand issues!
  8. I've got the Fourplay "Fuse" which is basically the same with Avid BB5 cable disk brakes. It's soooooooooooooo nice. The Avid BB5's work so well I don't feel the need to upgrade yet. Only down side is they definitely "feel" like cable brakes but they have plenty of stopping power. Never had the back wheel slip out.
  9. Thanks guys. I'd prefer to ride without gloves but I did just buy some Jitsie airtime 2 gloves just in case. Edit - Gone with the trialtech foams from tarty!
  10. Back into trials after a 10 year break. Grips that have come on my new inspired fourplay are rubber and very thin/hard. After a days ride I have to take a few days off due to mega blisters on the palms. I had an onza I rode for 2 months before this and didn't get any blisters but can't remember what the grips were like. Been checking out the lizard skin lock on grips that have loads of squares on the grip pattern as they look quite soft. Any experience with them?
  11. bleed is fine, pads seem fine. No idea what to do!
  12. Just got a new magura louise, well second hand new. it's a 2006 model i think. juding by others pictures. I've been adjusting with the tpa 2.5mm allen key bolt it has on the top of the lever. the one you have to get the cap off first. even on max i have to pull the lever right in to the bars to get any action. and if i turn the tpa all the way off it doesn't even work at all. it's a factory bleed. from magura. Can i adjust the pads another way? Alex