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  1. Done
  2. Wow loved that Bike is awesome to
  3. Awesome ross dude
  4. Lovely dude
  5. Q
  6. Cool think i'm gonna finally try to run finally run 35 both ends and work around that
  7. Cool cheers
  8. Personally I love leeson frames maybe it's because I like something different but defo love them
  9. Gotta go for anything made by hope or shimano slx
  10. I was just wondering what the preferred tyre pressure is for riders around the 13 1/2 stone mark as I either get it to soft or to hard without getting it right Cheers guys
  11. Cheers buddy getting all the hosing fittings together for it
  12. Hey guys I'm just wondering what year did the blue magura hs-33 cylinders come out please Cheers
  13. .
  14. Nearly built
  15. Mine is disc only at the rear