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  1. Thankyou going to take this advice on board Hi tried it once years ago and kept going flat on my face
  2. Does anyone ride a blakeless mod if so how's the adjustment from riding with brakes
  3. Nice one I ridden trials on and off for 15 years and now decided to try blakeless on a mod for change
  4. I seem like the oldest here at 43
  5. Never to old to start trials
  6. I'm 43 and just built up a blakeless case mod
  7. I'm in Liverpool and there s a couple of others
  8. No I got the husselfelf ones without that bit they are a bit older I took off my old race bmx now don't need them
  9. Nice one mate cheers just ordered one
  10. Hey guys Just wondering what crank puller I need to get truvativ husserl felt cranks off of a try all hollow bb Cheers
  11. Done
  12. Wow loved that Bike is awesome to
  13. Awesome ross dude
  14. Lovely dude
  15. Q