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  1. attach one of these to a pannier on a more commutable mtb... and trail your trials bike behind it.
  2. it's more being in an awkward position and having a hand free from one bike that makes the distance an issue, miles on a fixie are a doddle
  3. i used to ride a fixie and hold my other bike by the stem, was fine for a mile or two.
  4. mods are harder to manual but look at flipp or any bmxer... higher bars and stem should help
  5. raised over a grand for cancer research uk
  6. got a long weekend (royal mail still running this saturday) super pleased, and i might be disapearing to mexico with the woman, running away from lifes problems is looking good
  7. drift the rim over by tightening the non-driveside spokes?
  8. trials bikes aren't as symetrical and well done as you'd always like them to be. you need to find the tightest angle your drivetrain will allow don't go crazy tight or you'll hurt your freeewheel and chain. then just adjust the non drive side to make it run. it's never going to be perfect unless you'lve got 360 dropouts. if you want consistent chain tension make a spoke tensioner or buy one of those heatsink tensioners to make up the slack.
  9. that was gold. i tried some 661 downhill knee and shin pads for trials, they were not okay, they smelt like a rotting corpse and made me sweat like a pregnant nun. The jitsie ones are good, they won't stop the pain of the impact but they'll stop the pins from lacerating you and that is what counts! they're as minimalist as you want for trials. ben travis has just won TF and needs to be senior member.
  10. not always... if you've got the stock onza brake levers they are pretty poor; avid sd7 or shimano deore levers are great upgrades (i prefer the deore as it has a split clamp so they're easier to remove/refit) i forget how the onza discs look/set up/whatever. but if they're like a bb7 with split/dome washers then replacing the washers and re-setting the caliper can help massively. the avid set up guide on youtube will help you out there. a new set of brake cables will also help; linear slics are usually pretty good. cut the outers carefully; don't use your dads rusty old cable cutters. they will f**k up the ends so the cable can move around and compress more so your energy braking is wasted: i used to push the cable into a grinding disc to get it nice and flat/square. better brake pads and new disc rotors won't go amiss either. if you can get the trialtech/jitsie flavoured ones you'll be laughing. or replace them with bb5 or bb7 calipers; they are outrageously powerful for the price.
  11. not always... if you've got the stock onza brake levers they are prettyu
  12. got into longboarding a few years ago, had a browse on shpock and found 2 boards i've wanted for ages for £30 a piece, they rrp at £120 and neither appears to have been used happy days.
  13. what frame/have you tried a booster? or change rims... surely breaking performance > weight savings. if the top choice of pads arent cutting it going with a more trusted rim might help (i don't know whats trendy for tgs 24)
  14. which model? usually forks if you don't have alloy ones. everything else just replace as it dies, unless you just wanna aimlessly waste money. then you should sell up and buy the right bike...
  15. when did you last bleed your brake?