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  1. womans a fanny, had a heated debate about not buying eminem tickets, i respected this and chose not to buy them, she then went on saying she feels bad that i missed out can't f**king win. gonna spend a shit load of money on bike parts instead
  2. was quite disapointed by this; some of the riding was good but alot of the lines were boring, the circle bit 40s in, i expected him to at least send it as a drop gap or up to front the middle bit..
  3. trialtech or jitsie pads, trials specific rotor could help but tbf the shimano rotors are usually quite good.
  4. wrong forum, we're push trials.
  5. in trouble for kicking off at the complaints team at work (i emailed their managers and asked what circus they employed their clowns from) absolute shitstorm inbound
  6. only had one pair of pedals fail on me in 12 years of bashing; and they were wanky magnesium alloy ones. i'd probably give any pedal three years before getting paranoid.
  7. Depends on the freehub/freewheel it comes with, if it has a shitty freehub it'll be a pain in the arse to upgrade to a reliable standard (new wheel build and an expensive freehub or freewheel) will easily run you a hundred quid + if it has a bog standard freewheel your not so screwed cause fitting a new one is much cheaper and easier.
  8. be nice to have weigh in from the tarts on this, whats selling more, pure trials machines or new street bikes?
  9. I had a go on one a few summers ago and was very impressed; could see the appeal of getting girlfriends or children out on big rides or on epics that would be out of their normal range of fitness/power. wouldn't buy one myself yet. I'd definitely consider one when the electrics could be swapped about between an mtb or a roady. quite excited for decent electric roadies for commuting and such.
  10. those forks and that spacing look fine, really nice upgrade over the standard forks. the jitsie freewheels are quite stiff that is normal. could you show a top down picture of the crank/freewheel, there should be a very fine spacer between the freewheel and crank/bashring don't let the freewheel sit so wide that it touches the bottom bracket. take your cranks off and check that the bottom bracket is tight to be sure your not damaging anything. there is some flex to zoots so it could just be that.
  11. doing job interviews today, had a guy come in with a provisional license (all roles are driving), no cv, wearing jeans and converses. not sure how HR decided he was worth sending but I am amused. didn't get to dress him down for showing up looking like a bum. reading this back makes me feel very uncool happier news work is more bearable and I've scored some fpv goggles on the cheap, decided to get back into rc and it's so mega now everything is modern and fancy
  12. 51.405309, -0.298182 theres a spot somewhere around here too
  13. 51.394921, -0.304522 rocks on the water front start here 51.398956, -0.309801 decent walls and bits for gaps, about bar height.. 51.403435, -0.307870 come up to here and then carry heading on in this direction and theres a few more bits to play on continue on the water front this way till the walkway stops, carry on and theres a park with some walls and bits
  14. do they have the lever on each side? I imagine they'd be nice for free-er moving rotors but I'd probably stick with bb7s cause I know how epic and reliable they are. guineapig yourself for us