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  1. what are the tyres?
  2. https://steveukmtb.wordpress.com/hope-caliper-overhaul-minitrialsm4v2m6/ they're all the same brakes inside. only differences are aesthetic and some degree of extra tech on the lever blades...
  3. any hope servicing guide will work, the only difference between the trials and xc brakes is the size of the pistons to acheive different ratios, so long as you find a guide with a similar lever you should be able to work everything else out easily enough. just make sure you order the right consumable parts so you can re-build it.
  4. contact hope; when i went to the factory they had some spare 190mm rotors they made for some koxx dual disc 26 back in the day and they just gave me one. well worth asking, they're sound like that.
  5. service them, get new seals and lubricate those badboys check the piston (i think thats what it's called; bit that actually moves the pad) for any damage or burs.
  6. had the same pair of hope trials for 6 years, serviced them 2ce in that time and they're still working just fine so i wouldn't worry unless you just wanna burn money... call tarty and ask for some guidance or go try and ride them at an event or a big group ride.
  7. bmx won't have many trialsy benefits to learning on other than you will be able to bash it. the geometry and weight will be all wrong, you'll spend a fortune on getting the brakes okay and a bashplate to protect your front end but it'll be a pig to learn with and wont necessarily translate to riding a trials bike well. £250 for a trials frame is about right (google says 36k jpy is about 250) can you got get a cheap complete on ali express? my cartography is shit but you shouldn't fair to badly on postage in japan from them...
  8. weekend rides aren't easy for me (i work saturdays and row on sundays) but i can usually sneak in an evening. whats your name to find you on facebook?
  9. definitely helps to have a trials bike; stiffer, better braking and a drivetrain thats designed to handle the kind of love that trials dishes out. worth pointing out there are two styles of geometry for trials bikes now; 'pure' competition seatless geos (long wheelbase, high bottom bracket) and streety geos (shorter lower bb) the 'pure' geometries are quite extreme compared to an MTB, they feel 'wierd' on two wheels and for bunny hops etc but come into a world of their own for proper trials moves and techniques. the streety bikes will feel like an mtb or bmx and will feel more stable as a result but won't be as easy to do proper hoppy trials on. yes you can do both on both bikes but your progress will be hindered if you don't make the right choices...
  10. theyre deores right? they work really well, most of the curent shimano stoppers are pretty savage, are your brakes underperforming? bb5s are pretty well regarded in trials for their stopping power and general toughness, i'd keep them on until i ruined them or found them at fault. but you shouldn't be dissapointed with the shimanos either.
  11. do you have a full spec? that wheelset is gorgeous! doesn't look bad for the money, possibly a bit to dear considering what you can get for under £400 if you shop around but this will have geo that won't feel a million miles from what your used to. look at an inspired too if you can cause they'll be similar to what you used to ride. that doesn't look half bad
  12. i'm in north london but i work in slough so i could always pop down your way at some point. kingston is pretty good...
  13. i found the heavy pack thing makes a massive difference, usually lets me irk better manuals out (i'm shit at them though) so it's probably not a good tool to learn with cause it won't teach you the proper skills
  14. woman walked onto a road (in central london) whilst reading her phone, and he colided with her at 15mph or so and she died. he was on a fixie without a front brake and he is a bit of a cock, but i was no different to him at 19, i never hit anyone but i used to tear all over the place like a proper fanny on a brakeless fixie. they're making a huge deal about his bike being illegal but i see no shortage of badly maintained cycles on the road and there is no real effort to educate or enforce safety standards, plus if you're riding brakeless fixed you've probably got a better skillset than your average dickhead on a bike.
  15. the current court case about the cyclist killing that woman has really annoyed me.