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  2. Got two of these. Still going strong! Still wouldn't change a thing
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  4. Really enjoyed this one, I think comparing the lines taken by everyone worked really well.
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  6. F1

    This is way off modern F1 viewing but after seeing this gem for the first time, I just couldn't help but marvel at the level of high detail and smoothness of the whole documentary. Even the aerial footage is insanely smooth. Just something about 70mm seems to make the whole viewing experience more real.
  7. You're mad! He looks so good on 26", definitely my fave comp rider now he's swapped.
  8. Why is Nymann riding stock now? What a waste
  9. Well, how much would you pay for full bike? As I have no idea how these things sell nowadays...
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  11. ‘‘Twas a good day! Really did a great job putting all that together. Trials world cups would be really good to watch if they were all like this.
  12. WTF These beasts sounds like the Batmobile on steroids Talk about written off in 60secs
  13. just copy the page url
  14. Okay thanks for the info. It seems like a lot of effort Does anyone have any experience with these.
  15. Not the best quality, but if you like to watch competitions, you should watch it... there were some really nice moves, and Charlie's style is amazing. Riders: Jonas Kristiansen Joacim Nymann Thomas Pechhacker Charlie Rolls Eloi Palau Alejandro Montalvo
  16. This little gem should have its own thread.
  17. Thanks for the good words guys
  18. lovely that.
  19. Hello all So i settled on disc front and maggie back for trials but hate levers not matching across the two brake systems. Here's my attempt at getting a bite point on trial zone same as my trialtech rim brake, used 12mm m2 bolt with 3 m2 spring washers and clamped an old chain plate to the lever and reused the original torx bolt with m2 nut to fill the plates other hole. Before i try it on a new system and ride can anyone think of any improvements?
  20. Here’s my alias 20.2 I just built up with some hope shiny parts.
  21. Pretty much done. Just got to fiddle around with the brakes and get them fine tuned and then shorten the hoses. And cut the steerer tube. And of course it just started pissing rain for the first time in about 8 months.
  22. I'm planning to build up an old dual disc ozonys curve 24 soon. I have a 26" crewkerz that I love, but I've been wanting to try out a smaller more playful pure trials bike that I can bunnyhop and throw around a bit more easily. I would have jumped on one of the 2019 GU frames, but I can't get over how a 1075 wheelbase just seems sort of wrong for this wheel size. The Jitsie hybrid 24" looks interesting, but I want a higher bb, and there's just so many things that I really wish they would update about their designs (standard headtube, ISIS bb, 116mm dropouts, 160mm disc mounts? LOL). For rear tires, the Vee Flow Snap 24" seems interesting to me (it comes in a super low duro too):
  23. Met a rather nice photographer down at my local riding spot this afternoon who got a couple shots of me trying to look stunty and rad:
  24. YES, would be interested in frame, framekit or perhaps full bike
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