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    standard kst(koxx shreet trials) acidrop, try-all drilled rims, try-all hubs, acs claw freewheel, try-all crank, try-all stem bar combo, kst seat+post combo tektro brakes

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  1. think I saw this being filmed! Was in London on a photography trip.
  2. Tra putting allot of us to shame on a cheap mountain bike
  3. civil partnership
  4. Was watching the getguernsey video and this was the top suggested video lol, watch it is actually a tad funny.
  5. was about to post this...... so I will the manual line at 20:13 is glorious.
  6. theres a few (about 7) down in poole if you can be bothered to get on the train
  7. mine did this and was ok, keep it inside in future though
  8. are you actually going to ride it though andy?
  9. worryingly that sounds kinda cool
  10. cheating little wheels tomato?????
  11. I might be wrong but I don't think most of you are understanding what he's asking, you all seem to be commenting on feel and functionality of the parts, he just wants to know if people think the bmx style of short fork legs and high rise bars looks more visually pleasing than the trials style of lower rise bars (in comparison to bmx bars) and longer fork legs. correct me if I'm wrong jamie
  12. cheers guys its mental what fixed gear has turned into!
  13. it is believe me, he is one of the best fixed riders out there, few come close to him, this guy makes me laugh though linky
  14. It is believe me, tom la marche is the god of fixed gear freestyle, he used to ride bmx hence the uber tucked bunnyhops. He's the only reason the fixies are even vaguely cool to the masses. ......... yes I do ride a fixie so might have a slightly biased opinion
  15. Its a dk exo, remember it was to do with sprocket grinds and what not.